The Art of Poker- Share Your Art Pics

My first introduction to poker art was my uncles WW2 tattoo of flying aces. He was flight crew and the art was also on their B17 bomber.

Then was the black velvet “dogs playing poker” wall hanging my older brother had that I studied intently. Especially fond of the cheating pups.

The artwork on cards and chips has always caught my attention and I started collecting decks of cards with interesting artwork while I was in college.

So I thought it might be fun to have a topic to share your poker art and it can be things you collect or works of art you admire or your own creations.

Just remember this is a family friendly site so don’t post anything R rated please.


As a long-time, but not especially organized collector of decks of cards (I’m more of a dabbler than a true collector), I also have this same painting (on velvet) as a wall covering in my den. One of my friends, who is far more methodical about his collection, is a member of “52 plus Joker,” a deck collecting club; the members buy, sell, and trade decks. (If you friend me, I’ll send you his email address by PM here at Replay.) His sister is the manager at Spinetti’s Gaming Supply in Las Vegas, dealing in old decks, chips, and gambling memorabilia. My personal “prize deck” is a bridge-sized deck from the Queen Elizabeth !! ocean liner… It is a fascinating hobby, isn’t it?