The 6.30 pm tournament

What happend to the 6.30 tournement? I really miss it, because it is a good time for europe.


What was the name of the tournament you were looking for?

We have not changed any tournaments which ran at that time.

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Do not know the name of the game, but it is a multi=table tournament at 125000 buy in. Have looked again today and it is not there. It used to be every day at 1830 danish time. Very mystic. have a good one

It is denmark again. I think the name of the tournament is REPLAY CHALLENGE.

Hi, Replay Challenge has run successfully every day and has not been changed.

Could it be your filters?

It can be seen in the Lobby if you filter for Hold’em / No Limit and High Stakes (50K -1M),

I know the 50,000 ticket sattelites were both cancelled during the previous promotions. One of them is at 6:45 Pacific Std time. I am glad to see that they are back.