The 10K raise was a mistake

as soon as i saw it, i knew he didn’t have the A. then the raise on the turn just seemed desperate
i have pocket T 900/1500

i think he should have went for much more of my stack
if i flopped trip As, i’d be repping 93, or something worse, with a board like this one. if i did want value, wouldn’t 2 or 3 BB be the norm?

my question is, should i have fired back with a re-raise, instead of calling the 10K? if i came back with 30 BB or so, he probably would lay it down, but then, no draw

I doubt they call a re-raise here. Maybe they do, but I don’t think they offer a big turn bet if you re-raise them, either. More likely they just check to the river, folding if you bet big. So, I think you got about as much out of them here as you likely could have. Good read, good call.

When they’re betting on a losing hand, let them bet, don’t give them reasons to slow down.

Nice hand, your read is good here : his bet doesn’t make much sense, no idea what’s he’s trying to represent. So what do you do if you see he’s not representing an A ? You’re just always in front, in the worse case he has two overcards, like in this hand. At this point, he doesn’t have JJ, QQ, KK or AA (would raise these pre), so a re-raise here is the best move, to avoid giving him some equity turn (Q or K). If you call, and a J,Q or K shows up on the turn, it really is not great.

With these kind of players, you don’t know if the would call your shove on the flop, but often they will, which will mean you’ll still be an around 70% favorite.
And if he lays down, still a very nice pot!

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