Thanksgiving Gobble Games Grand Final

What day is the Thanksgiving Gobble Games Grand Final? Because the site says it’s Sunday, November 29th, but November 29th is a Monday.

There may be an error in the screen shot you posted, but on the promo page, this is what is stated:

Starting Monday, November 15th and ending with your choice of Grand Finals on Sunday, November 28th, Replay Poker are hosting the return of The Gobble Games, a Texas Hold’em tournament promotion, where winning your ticket can lead to riches!




Just to chime in, the page that you posted is from last year’s version of The Gobble Games. The Grand Final last year was on the 29th.

This year’s Grand Final is on Sunday the 28th. You can view more information here:

I hope this clears up everything, good luck securing your ticket to the Grand Finals!



How many big blinds do we start off with in the Grand Final?

Will be fun!! Gl al on the Gobble!!

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