Thanksgiving FEAST tourneys

those 3 seat 500 chip touneys were a Blast
hard to get in & only lasted 10 hands or often less
I would suggest making them more often…perhaps
only on weekends or?
Thanks REPLAY for coming up with a tourney that was a big HIT

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Good to hear you enjoyed these SnGs, it is no problem adding them to the daily SnG schedule, same as the SnG Heads-Up i think the won tournament points in these SnGs should not count for the monthly leaderboards.

i hate this tourney as only one player are win and its strage, looks like the one who got a lucky seat, in fact: i play and anytime when i have str8, other person have it too but highder then me, i have a flush, other person too, but higder, i have a pair as preflopp hand and other person too , but better then me, and guess what? its same player!!! and we are only 3 ther… I DONT LIKE IT… thanks.