Thanks Replay!

Hopefully this is the right spot to show my appreciation for this site. I’m sure other players are regular visitors to this site and I just want to publically acknowledge and thank the organisers of this site. Replay Poker has helped keep me level headed in Covid lockdown, Its been a source of peace and a place to unwind in what for many, is a stressful time. Its a great feeling to leave the table in positive territory and I have really appreciated to positive vibe by the far majority of players. I used to play Bullfrog Poker through miniclip and I was dismayed when the site was taken down. I thought this site would be a sorry 2nd best but it really is superior in every way.
Thanks Replay,
I salute you!


100% agree! Lots of very nice folks who like to play cards. I use this as my escape just about every day.

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Wait till Ya lose with a ROYAL FLUSH & Yer shirt & You’ll believe differently, Ha! :cold_face:

Completely agree! I’ve been on the other sites. This is great poker and I always want to come back and compete with the folks who just schooled me!