Test game

Good thing that I don’t use this as my icon…:slight_smile: green%20(2)


I find that the tables look much better on my Ipad as opposed to my laptop. The bigger screen on the laptop elongates the table more and makes the table look more like a long bench.
Everything worked well on the ipad :slight_smile:

Yes when I stretch to make as large as possible the table is like 20 feet long…hopefully that’ll be fixed soon :grin:

While the current tables open with a default hight/width, ( on this tablet 10.1" thats about 60% width and 85% hight… On my PC the tables also opened with a fixed size that was much smaller than my normal browser window. ) the new tables seem to open with a “fill screen” not default size. They are stretched way too long and even the plaque for players names ends up covering even the middle cards barely.

It shouldnt matter what platform pc/mobile and what screensize 5" to 45" a player is using, the aspect ratio of the table needs to be Fixed so that the appearance of the table and the functionality is not lost when a player opens the table.

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The table look is fine for me but I play on a 30 inch screen I don’t like getting disconnected all the time it gets old. I hope they get the bugs worked out soon.

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Cool to hear about the option two eliminate the dealer messages and tournament notifications. I’d been hoping for that since I started playing here. Being able to see the pictures of the players without extra clicks sounds nice, too.

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Everything sounds good and the new updates we got today will make it even better.
What I would really like to do is observe some games but can’t seem to find any…HELP!
Thanks everyone and gl at the tables…new and old lol

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filters on?

I meant test tables Grandy lol…sorry

I was thinking anyone can view the tables but only beta testers could play but maybe I’m mistaken.
Another option would be to find me or an online moderator between 1-3pm ET or 7-9pm ET and click on playing now in their profile…that should definitely work.
All that said, if you are a registered beta tester, you should be able to see the tables at all times.

@NtheRed ,
Try this instead…
GO to bottom click on Moderators.
When that screen comes up, check thier profile it might say “playing now”.
click on that it shud tell you where they are playing…click the table from there.

Some mods and preps are beta-testers… try that.

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Yes I guess I should have told them how to find a moderator…when you open the screen Sassy is talking about you’ll notice some of them are highlighted more than others…those are the mods currently online.

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I like the new look.

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I loaded a test table and was getting what chips I wanted sit with and table went blank with this message

another error message this is a royal table testing out.

Filed these as a bug, thanks!


Would it be possible to allow the feedback drop down to be moved to the left side on the table? You cannot send a report and play, even if you minimise it. At the moment it is not mobile.

this hand I tried to bet/raise on turn and river, but froze up and auto checked on turn and auto folded on river. I had quad kings. after hand was over got error message

I got this same message a few times today , I reported it

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