''Televised'' tournaments

An RP ‘‘TV’’ channel in the site where one off tournys are shown for viewing by other members.

If you did this, hole cards could be shown like with real televised games. Great laydowns etc could be viewed. The community would actually see the skills and the gameplay of other players.

Maybe the tournys have special entry requirements like one tourny a month where the entrants have won their seats through various satilite games or whatever.

The problem with that is anyone could whisper the other players the hole cards.

No way to control that.

Obviously you don’t show them as they’re being played.

I thought that would be obvious. When have you ever seen a live poker tournament on the TV?

I think it’s a pretty cool idea, as deadmansout there would need to be a delay of at least a few minutes to avoid cheating. Might take some effort to get it working, but it’s an innovative idea that I’ve never seen online before.

I’m just not sure how much people like watching online games as opposed to televised live games.

I happen to enjoy it. And I think I would even more so if I was watching people that I’d played against during time on RP - I would think that others would enjoy this aspect of it as well