Technical Issue(s)

I’m not sure where to report technical issues so I decided this will eventually get to the right person(s). This has happened to me before, once maybe twice. It’s only happened on Free Roll MTTs so it hasn’t cost me any chips, but it is irritating. It just happened again so I’m going to describe it. I’m sorry for not including more details.

I was in the MTT tournament lobby seeing when the next tournament started that I would like to enter. I prefer Omaha Hi-Lo games so it’s not unusual for me to have to wait a while for the next tournament. It’s also not unusual for me to enter late. If there’s still time to enter, I will. I’d rather not play the free rolls because they don’t count towards the Monthly Leaderboard for Omaha Hi-Lo. But when it’s the only Hi-Lo game going on, why not?

I spot the tournament. It started 13 minutes earlier and allows late registration for 15 minutes. I pull up the tournament lobby and register from there. The message appears that says something like “Please wait while we prepare your seat.” This usually changes to “Play Now” within a matter of seconds. Tonight, it didn’t change. I waited at least a minute before deciding to close and re-open the tournament lobby. When it opened there was no message and my name was listed towards the bottom of the leaderboard with zero chips. If I’m going to come in 159th out of 160 players, (or something like that), I’d at least like to have the opportunity to make the foolish bet to put myself there! (I’ve been there many times without any help!) I’m not a bingo player but I am an aggressive caller.

Since I’m whining about technical stuff I’ll take this opportunity to complain about something that happens constantly which I would love to see improved. After each hand, a message appears under the name of each player who stayed in the previous hand until the end. The message appears directly on top of the player’s chip balance and remains after play has begun on the next deal. My decision to call, fold, or raise (and how much to raise) isn’t always influenced by chip balances but it’s usually a consideration. It’s particularly troubling when I can’t see my own chip balance.

Over all, however, I think the games run very well. I play pretty often and the occasions where I’ve been dropped during a tournament have been extremely rare. I’ve been dropped because of a service interruption by my ISP far more times than there’s been trouble with the server that kicked me out (and even those incidents have been far and few between.) So no complaints other than the petty little whines mentioned above.

Perhaps someday my privilege to enter text into the “About Me” section on my profile page will be restored. LOL. It seems I’ve violated policy regarding the use of colorful (offensive/foul/potty mouth, etc.) language once too often! I don’t buy the whole notion of a family oriented poker site. There are places where this game is played for real money. I see no benefit from encouraging my kids to learn how to play poker before they have the right to vote or until they’re old enough to offend people by using the “F” word without fear of being grounded by myself or my wife! I think I’m off topic here!

I like this site. It’s still the best free poker site I’m aware of. Thanks to everyone at Replay for their efforts. Your hard work is appreciated!

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I’ve had the same problem more than once. I reported it and was told I played and went all in, when as you described I was never seated.

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Since you are playing on one, perhaps you should consider “buying” the idea.

Very hard to enjoy a game when the Replay servers are disconnecting players right and left and we can’t reconnect. It happened to 3/4 of my table so this wasn’t an issue with our systems, it was Replay’s. I sent a ticket in to support as well but wanted to vent. I was in 3rd place the 1st time I was disconnected, 5th the 2nd and 9th the 3rd. Kind of hard to win with this nonsense going on. More importantly, its not fun. This was an issue when I 1st started playing here and apparently it still is.

If I wanted to be constantly interrupted from having a relaxing time, I wouldn’t be in my man-cave hiding from the wife and kid.