Talking during a game

I remember the poker legends Phil Lark, Doyle Brunson, Phil Helmuth and others.
The most important thing by this game is talking to others, make them angry and make them talk about their pocket cards.
It is a pity we can not do this here, as we get immediately punished & muted for several days.
I see here nobody talking, or they are afraid and only type “nh” “tx” “zzzz”.
Well, most of the players cannot English and do not type anything.
To talk and make others nervous and angry is the most loved strategy in this game.

trash talking is not a good thing especially when keyboard warriors are abundant lol at play chip tables.


And what exactly would you want to say during the play that “emulates” those players you mentioned?

I only vaguely recognize Phil Helmuth, and he is just an a**hole with bad attitude, no clue of sportsmanship, but plays decent poker.

I’d recommend Socrates (the philosopher, not the footie guy) as a role model, not Phil’s type – thirteen in a dozen – insecure males. Just sad.

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PeterPan and another thread which would be considered by many as spam. Anybody seeing the trend continue?

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For me, chatting besides the usual nh , ty and so forth usually make the game a more enjoyable experience. I will note about friendly players, often make a friendship with them since I enjoy playing with friendly players.
I admit sometimes it does get me off my game a bit since I’m not focusing on what’s going on as much as I probably should be.
If a player(s) are trashtalking, they’ll usually get a note about that as well.
Sadly anyone playing on their phone don’t have the ability to chat, so if a player doesn’t respond to chat I figure it could be that.



Trash talking etc., is okay with me but I’ve never seen anyone talk about their hole cards while the hand is being played which is never okay.

You should probably report them.


Personally I can’t be bothered with chatting during a game, (unless I’m drunk of course) I will usually respond if someone chats to me, just out of politeness, but that’s about it.
As for trash talk, I have a fine array of insults at my disposal, insulting each other in the most withering terms possible is a national sport here in Scotland so beware.


Interesting question @PeterPan4711 The great thing in Replay Poker, is it’s free and only talking I try to do is positive , and encouragement to all player’s. Also hoping for the same respect :slight_smile:


I’d love to trash those who spend long minutes trying to decide how to play their two cards before the flop (and sometimes their five cards after). Apart from that, I like to compliment people when they play a hand well, or just have a good hand to play, usually the typical gp or nh abbreviations. I’d also like to say hello to players I’ve seen before who played well, but not sure that’s appropriate.

I believe that is very appropriate. Replay is not just poker site, but a community. We all learn and share from each other our experiences. GL at the tables & I hope you will always have fun.

Ya I’m open to chatting but you will usually give away information in my favour

Thank you @Cageboy77 That’s the great thing of the Replay Community to share with & help others!