Taking notes

i am coming up on notes on 30000 players …who has more?

I don’t take notes anymore. As more people post about it here players bad habits change.

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notes can change also but i realize you cannot teach an old dog new tricks

Sure you can! With all the knowledge in the community forums and you tube videos, new players, times are changing. By the time you read the note on the player you’re timed out.

I stopped after a month and my notes just said, " nice person", Donk, bingo player or good player. You can see the same ppl. n know them and a Donk is a Donk and bingo player is a bingo player still:).

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For the succes

30 thousand is a crazy number lol. I’ve made a few, and was surprised to learn that there is an Achievement to be gained from it, but I don’t play enough to come across too many other players, so don’t need to make many. I agree with bill8888, once you see a few of the same names playing the same way, you know what to expect.


Are you calling me an old dog? woof woof…hehe :slight_smile:

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I have an account on another pokersite too. There are not only notes, there are colors for the players too. Colors for fishes, friends, good players, bad peoples,… The colors are to see on lobby too, without open the table. Good for table selection. I use this.

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That does sound good. Red = bad, Green = good lol.

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