Taking my money

joined a turney four 10,000 and would not let the table load so lost it all

This is the second thread you open, but not provide info about it. http://support.replaypoker.com/replaypoker/topics/i_have_had_your_pc_mess_up_and_take_my_chips_and_now_i_have_to_wait_over_a_hour

1.Please give the tour time and name you sign up. 2.Tell what OS you use? XP , Win7 ? Mac? linux? other? 3.What browser you use? google chrome? Firefox? IE ? other? 4.Please confim you install the l8est Adobe Acrobat Flashplayer? 5. Please confirm you not have open other Browser window the time when the tour wont load? 6. Nice to know whats your system specs.