Takeout hand

I feel this hand was deliberately designed to trash me and there was no way I could have done otherwise given the villians ante . Interestingly I had a similar hand earlier on which almost wiped me out and then had not much to go on until this came up . Bad luck or something more deliberate…


Here is another hand from another tournament which I spotted and thought there is something not quite right . One you see who has what you will be suprised at one all in


Why would they go through the trouble, time, and expense of designing a hand just to trash you? I mean, really?

@nicknacknu, yes, once the flop comes in the first hand, you’re toast. In tournament poker, sometimes it’s just your time to die. It doesn’t help that your decision to bet the pot left you pot-committed.

In the second hand, I agree there isn’t something right. The player UTG chose to limp with QQ, and the Hijack player limped TT, letting three other players come along for the ride with them. Really fishy stuff. That they ended up set-over-set, and then getting sucked out by a hand with middle pair, top kicker, serves them right for playing preflop so passively.