Taboo topic?

Lately, the cold weather here has kicked in, and I find myself playing a “little” more often.
Sometimes, more than should be budgeted.

Looking around,

I see what seems like many players spending (what I believe is) untold amounts of time active.

All Good!
What makes you happy makes me happy!
I enjoy every minute sitting with ya!

My question goes the opposite way.

Those who only get to spend 1 - 3 hours per day.

What games are worth your time?

A single, or possibly 2 MTTs?
A couple of Sit & Go’s?
Or a certain ring game, and walk away when your time runs out?

Thanks in advance

(should anyone care to share about such addiction I’d be all ears, but I will not go there, not what this is about)

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I’ve also noticed many play only/mostly freeerolls.

Brave you are!

When I don’t have a lot of time, I like to play ring games, since I can easily leave whenever I want. If I’m deep in the middle of MTTs or SNGs, I can never bring myself to just leaving, which results in much longer sessions that I planned, especially when I run deep in the last tournament that I joined.