Tables won't open

The tables wouldn’t open during Step 1 of St Pats tourney. I know many players experienced this. Initially, took 2 mins to open first table. Half hour into game, table was closed and took another 5 mins to finially find table. By this time the blinds were higher and lost half my chips due to the delay. when I finially had a chance to play, i had only enough chips for one ante. Yes I lost, but I dont need any delays to hasten the outcome!

Hi midwestjack

When i tourney starts with a lot of players, it takes a bit more time to open the tables. For some players it takes only a few sec more, but for a few others it takes mins more, not sure why it takes so much longer for some players to open a table.

But it is strange it happened too when you went to a new room during the game. Will pass it to the tech team, maybe they can find something.

Greetings Happiness.

I too had this problem it took 13 mins to enter the game and most of the chips were gone for the blinds, in order to get table to open had to log out and re-enter

Sorry to hear that geegee2. The Step 1 tourney attracted 160 players and we experienced some slow down because of the large number of players participating. One of the advantages of the new website is it’s ability to handle much larger tournaments with 1000s of players, so once the new website because the default website you shouldn’t experience this problem any more.