Tables not opening

I can’t open any tables. It just goes CONNECTING… CONNECTING… RECONNECTING and nothing happens. I believe a number of others had the same issue connecting to this freeroll.

150K Mega Freeroll

Everything is up to date on my end so it appears to be a bug

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I wasn’t able to connect to my table as well. And when I looked at the lobby, others were saying they couldn’t connect. There was a problem with that tourney.

I couldn’t connect to ring tables either for about 20 minutes

Thanks for the report, @feelmysins! There was definitely an issue with multiple tournaments, though it wasn’t completely widespread. While our tech team has fixed the issue and games should be running normally now, we’re still investigating the cause and will be refunding all affected tournaments with an entry fee.


I can not get into any of your games .can you tell me why . jackfrost636 /

something is wrong I can not get into any games .was playing hig h lowand know they will not let me into ant of the hi low games . what the hell happened /???

We didn’t have reports of issues at this time, so I’ve just started up a support ticket for you so we can figure out what the problem might be. Please keep an eye on your e-mail inbox – our team will reach out and attempt to troubleshoot with you that way.