Tables Freeze when Opening Profile Picture

A number of things cause tables to freeze for me (I also usually get more than 5 cards dealt to the board also, when that happens, though the early cards seem not to be part of the actual board):

  • if I click on someone’s profile picture, my tables almost always seem to freeze up for 15 seconds to a minute or so (I typically play on 3 tables, if that might be related)
  • if I open a 4th table, I generally run into periodic freezing
  • if I go back to the site web page while playing, after I haven’t clicked on it for a while, the site tends to freeze, and then all of the tables also freeze

I’m generally using Chrome when I play.

The freezing can be quite annoying. Just recently, I 3 bet with AK, flop came AK8, turn 7, and river A. I bet flop and turn, and would have clearly liked to have bet the river. I’ve had situations like this many times when it freezes (although not actually this kind of freeze this time).

Here it was a different bug, I entered an amount slightly larger than my opponent had chips remaining, and it wouldn’t let me enter the amount. I tried to clear the numbers, but it still wouldn’t then let me select any amount, or use half pot, full pot or all in buttons. It didn’t end up mattering… my opponent had been on a draw, and wouldn’t have called any bet I had made, but it was still frustrating to have a bug keep me from betting.

Too many windows open. It’s not the browser. Look at your CPU when you do that. Way too much !

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thanks for the tip… I’ll watch what’s happening on the CPU the next time


You’re welcome :+1:t2: