Tables for ranked players 10,000 or better

What is possibility of setting up tables for players of the highest ranks? Where the deal is RANDOM. These tables would only be available to players with a rank of 10,000 or lower. That way our poker skills would be tested as the cards would fall in the real world.

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Rank restricted tables? Hmmm, that could be very interesting! Thanks for the suggestions.

When you say the deals are random, what do you mean? All deals are already powered by a certified random number generator. =) You can check out the certificate right here:

We did just raise the game cap on some of the leaderboards on February 1, which isn’t exactly the same thing, but might help you find the kind of game for which you’re looking. Get the scoop. (Or in the newsletter!)


I love your idea of rank restriction. It seems like a monumental programing effort. If it could be done I would like to see aside from the general population play, aka, O Zone. A series of zones such as Zone A would be 100 million chips and over, Zone B would be 10 Million to 99.99 Million, Zone C would be 1 Million to 9.99 Million, etc. These are suggestions of course but would sure like to see more ideas on this.


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Mr. Gatzby,

I have charted the cards on this site and have found the following…
Painted cards (10-A) constitute 38.5% of the deck and non painted (2-9) are 61.5% I should get 20-30% of the time 2 painted cards down and 70-80% of the time 2 non painted cards down. After 1000’s of hands on this site I find the times I get painted cards down is 14-18% of the hands played. Over the course of 1000’s of hands I should see the average increase to bring the % back to around 30 but it never happens. That is not random.

Also 35 to 40 out of every 100 hands there are 3 cards of the same suit on the board. yet each suit only comprises 25% of the available cards. This does not happen in real life.

Also I get the same card 4 out of 6 hands in a row sometimes…for example i get an 8 as one of my down cards… 3 hands in a row with another card then no 8 then an 8 down the next 2 hands… again this does not happen in real life. So that certificate is of a dubious origin from my experience in charting the cards.

First, thanks for keeping your eye on things! That takes some impressive dedication, especially when you’re playing for fun.

It looks like you’ve played about 5800 hands – we’ve found it takes about 5000 hands for a bare minimum statistical sample. You’re definitely off to a good start, but I think we get derailed after that.

For each hand of poker, the dealer program creates a brand new deck. The previous cards, previous hands, and previous round of betting has no impact whatsoever. It does not calculate the types of hands that will be dealt and it certainly does not favor one player over another. It has but one joy in life and that is making sure your cards are shuffled with robotic precision.

Here’s how it does work (and it’s pretty cool, imho):

For every hand, we create a new deck of cards, ordered lowest to highest. A card is then randomly selected from that deck and put it into another deck. This process is repeated until every card has been randomly selected from the first deck and moved to the second deck. After the second (entirely random) deck is complete, the dealing process begins from the top of the deck just as you would have in real life poker. As mentioned before, this process has absolutely no knowledge of anybody’s hands or previous decks. In other words it’s completely random. Can you get the same hand three times in a row? Yup – that’s the beauty of randomness. =)

If I could shuffle that well, I’d certainly be working the Vegas magic circuit. Okay, okay, maybe just Reno – carpal tunnel takes its toll.

Anyhow, you might wonder where all those random numbers are coming from. We use a certified random number generator. Wikipedia has that nailed, if you’d like some further reading:

The important thing to take away is we have our random number generator certified, in order to make sure you really are getting random deals. Any time you’re on, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click the RNG Certificate link – or simply click here:

Fairness and trust are important and online poker can’t survive without it. It would be silly to manipulate your cards in ANY fashion – we like our site and don’t want it to go anywhere. =) If you ever have a question about a hand, please feel free to email into support with the hand number. We’re always happy to review a hand – understanding what’s going on is one of the coolest parts of playing poker.


As a programmer I can assure you it would be only a few lines of code. Not at all MONUMENTAL. And it is a GREAT idea!!!

The probability of getting two “broadway” or “paint” cards (Ten or higher) in your starting hand is 14%, which is exactly the percentage that you reported. You are making an error in calculating your probabilities because although 38.5% of the deck are “paint” cards, the probability of getting 2 at the same time is much lower.

The info on percentages of starting hands can found in this article'em)

I like your idea to have some games by rank. It seems feasible (although ring games tend to sort out the low from the high, i.e., the fish from the sharks, anyway).

rank restriction ,10000 or lower rank next you wil have tables for certain religions, nationality does this mean if your ranks over 10000 your lower class human rings that wayrank means nothing for skill ive been hi med. low never thought iwas any better than any person on any table.i have been called names and put down when I was LABELED low rank.any rank can be obtained with a credit card you already basically have restriction for tables by buyins don’t you you wont see a lower class player[under 10000] on atable with 100,000 buy in this just a game not the real world no one is any better than anyone else UNREAL some of you people should be ashamed.i also in the last two weeks saw the response of one of your best players when he lost to me and another lower class.he also should be ashamed.ITS A GAME if this is your whole life theres a big wide world out there believe it or not look out the window some time

To be completely accurate it’s pseudo-random as randomness is impossible to recreate but I liked the explanation, very interesting.

Restricted tables and tournaments is entirely possible. In fact the lobbys used to be divided between low, medium and high stakes, and you could only play the higher lobbies if you had over a certain number of play chips. Since rank is currently based on chip count, it’s not going to make a massive difference, since the minimum buy-ins act as a natural restriction. I can imagine though in future we’ll have a ranking system based on actual performance, and then it would get more interesting to have restrictions, it might even encourage a better style of playing (and less bingo play) and that has to be a good thing.


With 4 cards of each value, there are 20 “painted cards” of 10-A. As you pointed out, this makes the odds of your first hole card being in the 10-A range about 38.5%.

If your first card is paint, there will be 19 painted cards remaining out of 51 total cards, or 37.2%.

The odds of you catching 2 paints in the hole, therefore, is 37.2% of 38.5%, which works out to 14.3%. This is within your observed range of 14% - 18%.

Basically, you will get the first card 38% of the time, and of those times you do, will get the second one 37% of the time. As shown above, that works out to catching 2 of them somewhere around 14% of the time.

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Rather than move cards from the ordered deck to the shuffled deck,you might try what I do., which is interchange cards in the one deck (someone showed me this in the 1970s).

deck = 1:52
for j = 1:52
k = rand*52 +1;
t = deck(j); deck(j) = deck(k); deck(k) = t;

I am guessing that is simpler code than what you are using.

and you don’t have to reset the deck for each hand. start from the random position from last shuffle.

initialize deck; ! i.e. deck = 1:52;

   ~~~~~~select k at random in range 1 - 52
  ~~~~~~interchange deck(k) and deck(j)
until time to stop

Filigree wanted to add this to the discussion, but was having some technical issues with the forums – just making sure their opinion is represented here in the discussion as we work with them to fix the problem. =)

Aloha All,
Just catching up on my forum reading a bit. First I’ve seen this idea of games restricted to a certain rank range.
Just off the top of my head I have a concern with that approach that comes to mind. I’ve been mostly playing the
high stake SnG games. It takes a fair amount of time to fill a table so it seems we have to wait quite a bit. When a table does
finally fill there is almost always a pretty wide range of rankings represented at the table. If the tables were restricted to
a certain range of rankings I am concerned that we would be seriously exacerbating the already long wait time to fill a SnG table.
And the time it takes to fill a table already increases as the month goes by and players rich to leader board plateaus.
And since rankings really are not really related to skill I’m not sure what a restriction would achieve. There are already a nice range
of stakes to choose from on Replay so that folks can already self select in terms of the stakes that they prefer to play. And the different
stake levels are already attracting their appropriate skill groups of players.
At the SnG tables I play it most often seems that a higher ranked player is just a newer player on the Replay site who wants to be able
to play the higher stakes.
Okay…thats my two cents for now.
Shine on!


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how do you know what your ranking is

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It is hard to understand you with the all-caps and the grammar, but I am a high ranked player after 1 year and a couple of months on the site (ranked around 190), and I don’t mind playing against players of all ranks, but I prefer facing opponents who take the game somewhat seriously.

And I do believe that rank is highly correlated with poker skill. Rank by itself means nothing, but players who are very high ranked tend to get there by winning consistently.