Tables for Bingo Players

I understand just blowing steam not at you or Replay but they sure have some of the dam luck I ever seen. Maybe that’s the way to play the game Lol. I’m sitting with a pair of pocket A’s and this guy goes all in with 7 2 on the pre flop it comes
up 227 and I am still waiting for my A’s to show. Bad hand win’s I don’t go after them any more. If your patient they usually destroy them selves. Al though out of 200 guys in a tournament I seen them get to the final nine many times.

It seems some players find any kind of “aggressive” betting to be bingo.
Check out the chat in these 3 consecutive hands.


All in is exactly the correct play if you have a top 15 hand against bingo boy. If everyone at the table called their top hands bingo boy flames out.

Better news is I check out most bingos and the common thing they all have is less than 2000 in the bank. They don’t last long. Maybe improper but I also try and unit the table with this strategy in mind. It seems to be a popular way to de-bingo. I call it “Bingo Roach Spray”

“What do you mean I can’t limp in every hand? This is preposterous! You must be a Bingo!™ player for making such a raise pre-flop! How can you possibly make a bet on a poker hand with only two cards!?”

Meanwhile, the same person doesn’t realize (or admit) that chucking a BB into the pot every single hand and hoping to hit is very much the same style of play. The projection and cognitive dissonance is astounding.

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play that hand one hundred times for 5000 pot and you will win 437,000 chips out of 500,000. Wait for the river, not so much.

LOL I’ll remember that

I am more annoyed by a table full calling stations and min bettors. I have the patience to wait out the"bingo player". Can’t stand a “bingo table” that sees 12-15 hands an hour.


90%+ of all games here are bingo IMO, from lowest to highest stakes. This is top-10 ranked play? Come on man, that’s 7/6o you flatted in the SB.

People have no idea what they’re talking about when they are calling something bingo but playing just another form of it themselves. For the last time - if you are counting on hitting flops and making hands as your primary strategy, you are not playing poker.

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Many public swimming pools have a “kiddie pool” area where those who don’t know how to swim can make noise and splash around without bothering the adults who know how to swim. The kids tell their friends they are “going swimming,” and probably think that they are. The kids fear deep water, and probably should, at least until they learn how to survive where swimming is necessary. Most do eventually learn.

Instead of forcing “bingo” adults to swim in the shallow end, maybe we could have safe, “no bingo” tables where the kids can splash around some chips and think they are playing poker. This would be easier than expecting them to actually learn the game.

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They have the same thing in poker - its called a social poker site :wink:


you never HAVE to fold


I seriously feel like what you’re actually looking for is a “chat room!” Not being rude but that’s how I hear what you’re asking for. A table where you don’t play to win?


very well said

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you rasie your pocket queens on the flop you hit your 3rd queen and rasie harder through out the hand to find out you just got beat with a st8 and they were holding 3-5 off suit , nobody would have stayed with that in a money game you have to have a concept of the game to play the game just saying or you can but 15 million chips and play bingo

This is why we can’t have nice things:

Some nights, its all bingo

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When I first came to online poker, I felt intimidated and uncomfortable playing against loose and aggressive players.
Fortunately at Replay Poker there are some more newbie-friendly tables (ie The Duck Pond) but even there you often see loose and aggressive players trying to “steal” chips.
That is one of the reasons I am forming a league named Poker Disclosure.
It’s not only designed to help newcomers learn different strategies for Texas Holdem (as opposed to bad habits like bingo) but also for the experienced player looking for a place to chill after playing some tough, grueling hi-stakes tables.
The league is Texas Holdem with 2.5k buy-in, PL (Pot Limit), and one must show their winning hand starting at 9PM ET on Mon, Wed and Friday (Tues and Thurs added later depending on interest).
One thing I must stress, is the importance of showing your winning hand.
It is what I feel gives the league an educational aspect.
Replay understandably won’t/can’t enforce this feature but consistent mucking will be cause for removal of your membership.
Please PM me if interested.

Thank you for your consideration,

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OK, time to address the opposite of BINGO play. If you are down to 1.5BB and shove on my blind, please don’t get upset when I call with any 2 cards. I need to call an extra 0.5BB to win a pot of nearly 4BB (with antes in play) so that’s only 12.5% equity I need. That is not bingo, its math.

People seem to get upset about a lot of things in poker but rarely do they stop to think about why they are in that situation to begin with. I played 2 games tonight and went out in both with solid shoves given my stack size. Once I was called by KJo to my 88 (he limp-called my squeeze for 90% of his stack). The 2nd time I shoved ~12BB with JJ UTG and happened to run into a player with KK who barely had me covered. OK, it happens. The 1st call was pretty marginal (I’m being kind) and the 2nd was a no-brainer. Neither shove was bingo and only 1 of the calls was really loose.

I’m one of the 1st people to comment on playing poker vs gambling but I’m begging people to get their heads right and learn which is which. Just because you don’t like it or it makes you uncomfortable doesn’t mean its a bad play. In fact, if it makes you uncomfortable enough to make mistakes, its a really good play.


I totally agree… when you’re down like that it’s really your only option and I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t see it as a fight or die situation.

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This is why you don’t limp and give people free looks at flops. He open raises and I’m not in the hand. Now, who is playing bingo, the guy who is opening properly or the one limping and praying?

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