Tables for Bingo Players

well, it appears that you have come to the wrong site :slight_smile:

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Thanks I like to play free rolls I don’t have that much of a bank so I play for tournament tickets that’s the plan to build up my account to where I can play some real good tournaments. but with 200 players or more I decided to be very patient so I limp just trying to get a place for a ticket or two. That gives me a chance to watch bingo players destroy them selves and the player count goes down very fast.

It may not work, a specific table for bingo jigolos may work the opposite, because the psycology of a bingo player is to disrupt “normal” poker, whatever normal poker is. But you get my point, bingo psycotics need to feed their ego. That is why most of the time they do their chips in.

I do bingo, but not intentionally, I have to bet my cards to a bingo player and go all in, cos they will.
Do I always win ? No, but someone else will take a shot and blow em outta the water. Peace then prevails

Apparently so - lots of people here think its my job to make them feel better. Others think there is a constitutional right not be offended or challenged in any way. And then there are those who feel that their opinion matters more than those silly old fact things - geez, I’m so 20th century for thinking otherwise.


I’m wondering if we’re coming at this from the wrong angle, gang. Stick with me here… maybe some of the folks who are bothered by the all-in play could start playing at the FL, PL or ML ring tables that are empty and neglected. FL, in particular, would keep things under control for those who want it.

I dunno, it’s probably a crazy idea. :man_shrugging:

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You’re obviously not talking from experience @Fozman
Bingo players who intentionally disrupt the game always find a way to play bingo, even in FL, PL and ML games.
I’ll give you an example, one that happened when Replay switched some of the Royal tourneys to FL, the worst possible format, to avoid bingo play and preflop all ins.
All that was needed in those tourneys was a couple of bingo players at the table. They just kept betting and raising each other preflop till they reach the maximum bet, then repeated the same after the flop, the turn and at the river, till they reached their whole stack. They kept doing this every hand, dragging everyone with them in a constant raising match, until players at their tables lost all their chips slowly instead of immediately. That was the only difference.
Replay had to switch all FL tourneys back to NL, as it was better to have bingo players go all in preflop and everyone else folding, that slowly draining everyone’s stack.

So the bottom line is, those who want to disrupt a game with their careless BINGO play, will do it anyway, anywhere, anytime, and the game format will not stop them. That’s why we call them bingo players. They don’t care about poker or the game itself. They’re just there to annoy.

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Well, no, I wasn’t aware of that event.

Considering this information, what makes a person think that separate tables for the all-in folks would keep them away from normal tables? I guess I’m not sure what you can really do to combat these types of players except fight or flight?

Also, is it really necessary to have one of these threads every week or two? It’s really disruptive to the normal flow here on the forum. Maybe we should have a sub-forum for all the “Bingo Player X” threads?

Oh… hmmm…


LOL I couldn’t agree more :slight_smile:

think hes askin rp to make LIMIT tables … cryin lil ■■■■■

If you check out how much bank a bingo player has it averages less than a thousand chips. They crash and burn 95% of the time. Play the odds with top 10 hands calling their all-in pre-flops you WILL prevail and it will not take long to drain their bank and they will not be back until they get their free 2500 the next day. Some nice friendly chat helps:sunglasses:


This is a very important number, 2,500. This is a minimum buy-in at a 25/50 stakes table. As you begin to go up in stakes from this point, the frequency of shove happy luck machines starts to decrease. Yes, you are going to see them sometimes at 50/100 and upwards after they win, leave, and join a higher stakes table. However, the higher caliber players tend to dispatch them much more quickly.

By extension, this can also apply to MTTs with some anomalies because of Satellite tickets. I don’t see nearly as much insanity at a 15K MTT as I do at a 2.5K MTT.

If one can manage to survive these folks long enough to sock away a decent bankroll and start playing in Medium stakes games, I think that person will find it to be a more inviting environment as I have. If one has confidence and doesn’t mind risking ~5-10% bankroll, this can start as early as one possesses a 100K stash.

I hope this offers some light at the end of the tunnel for those who are frustrated. I’ve been there and I got through it; you can too.


Just play real money poker if you don’t want bingo poker. Even if you find a table without someone shoving every hand it still doesn’t even come to close to real money poker. Your emotions play a big role when you are risking actual money, making the game a lot more intense. Generally speaking, people will be trying to win (AND trying not to lose) when real money is on the line. In play money poker you know you aren’t really losing anything if you lose, it’s a much different game.

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Those example hands aren’t bingo. It’s late in a tourney and they’re all at or under 15 BBs. That’s aggressive play, and probably not optimal play, but that ain’t bingo, it’s poker.


While I didn’t say these hands were specifically bingo, they actually are. My point was that bad play exists at every single level of game. Forget optimal or suboptimal - this play is garbage. Any of these hands would have been better as push/folds. I’m sorry if you think this is poker.


Nothing like a freeroll for bingo - try this one out:
I’m sure this will satisfy even the strictest critics here - though if I was being honest satisfying them isn’t high on my list of priorities.

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So, is it bingo when you limp in to try and hit flops? IMO, absolutely - its the ultimate form of bingo. That’s why its a little hard to be given a lecture on what is and is not bingo play from someone who open-limps AQ from the lojack (UTG 6-handed)



@Comicguy, thanks for the triple reply; it allowed me to like your comments 3 times. :smile:

Correct all the way, especially the last one. It’s passive Bingo!™ as opposed to aggressive Bingo!™ and its all-in pre-flop with anything BS. What I find most interesting about the entire issue is the relationship between those who play the passive style and the complaints about the aggressive style.

Hmmm… :thinking:


So, I’ll do a double reply because I can’t edit my previous one.

All 8 players call a 7.5BB raise. I feel dirty for limping and subsequently calling it as well, but it fulfilled my need for symmetry.

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What about all the other people that support Replay and many who pay to play don’t they have any rites to be able to sit down and enjoy a good game of poker ? You can’t beet a bingo player who goes all in on almost every pre flop. all you can do is fold a decent hand and then say gee I should of went all in on him.

I agree with you tonyman67. It is really frustrating with these bingo players and I wish there were a way replay could separate them from the people who really enjoy a good game of poker. I really think that is an impossible task, however, but sure do wish there was a way.