Tables for Bingo Players

I agree with you, Comicguy, it’s so upsetting when some arse give’s soneone the NH when they suck you out, last one for me is when my ak got sucked out by aq, on the river, OF COURSE, after the all-in preflop, and that one is really a LOT less disgusting as the usual suckout, at least aq was a good starting hand…but when you hit your cowboys on the flop…all-in…get rivered by 2 6. it REALLY digusting :relaxed:

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Actually I have found many Bingo players share the fact they are RRP 45+,
been on here several years and have less than 3K in the bank. They are true bank builders one-on-one.

So I was at this table with a bingo player. tennis. He would open shove like 80% of hands pre. And he wasn’t this one off shover. Judging by stack sizes I’d say he had gambled away more than 50 buyins. Now the effect of this was that everyone really opened up their ranges. You would think they would only open up against him but you would be wrong. Everyone opened up against everyone. The hand in question was played with exploiting this in mind.

I left the table shortly after as my stack hand grown to more than 1/4 of my bankroll and I started feeling scared. Felt like a shame to leave this ridiculously soft table though. Please rate that decision too. Maybe I should have just started tightening up to reduce variance instead? Like literally fold everything except AA and maybe KK. Or maybe try to play only with tennis?

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Off hand, I’d say you did that very well indeed. And, escaping WITH the chips is commendable. Once you’ve gotten those chips, the challenge becomes “how to hold on to them.” Your solution was the best one. Good job!


LOL - so that’s how you get a 2900BB+ pot. Insane play and it would be hard for me to leave a table like this. On the other hand, banking a huge win isn’t a bad idea. If the whole table is opening up, the variance is going to shoot through the roof. Look for that player in the future and pick a seat with position on him. Feel good about such a huge gain in your bankroll.

And for what its worth, if you think that table was loose, try playing some of the 20K MTT’s. Just started playing them because I like 6-max but the level of play is way below the 15K regionals. I mean way below. 6-max is usually where you get to play some cards but holy batcrap Batman, its pure bingo-spew. Will look for another game because these seem to be terrible any time of day for some reason. Less actual poker going on than in some of the 2.5K games I’ve tried.

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Just for the heck of it I went to the following hand and he had auto topped with 25k and shoved again with 75o.
I might go try to find him later to get a handout too :grin:

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It’s like a fluorescent bulb. Run some electricity through it, the vapor inside gets excited, and it starts to glow.

But yeah, I’ve seen tennis as high as the 500/1000 ring tables before. One of the few people I’ve given the ATM seal of approval in my notes. If you play with the mindset that a minimum table buy-in is “1BB”, it’s not so bad. That said, it gets old. Once I’m up a few buy-ins, I rat hole my winnings.

Good to know, I had considered moving up to that Gemstone level. I’ve even noticed my 500/1000 ring games starting to be encroached upon by people playing their entire bankroll. (Distinguished by the 6-digit rank with 0 chips in bank but starts play with an odd number of chips around 60K.)

But hey, I’m profiting so… “Waiter! More donks, please!”

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Where are you going to spend all that virtual money? LOL

Is it even a little entertaining for you to see who can catch the best cards? I’m not particularly thrilled today because I keep getting it in way to the good and people are hitting their gin cards on the river. Big deal. There is zero skill involved in being hit in the face by the deck. I guess its fun for some people but its just boring as all get out to me. I honestly don’t mind losing if I was outplayed. That’s fun and I can take something from it. Being outdrawn or outdrawing someone else is a big zero in my world - meaningless on every level.

I was actually thinking of playing a ring game just to see if I can find someone that likes to play and fight for pots. If not, I think its time I go back to my cash games. Poker has to be entertaining or profitable or both. I’m getting neither lately here.

I mean look at this hand: - A9o flat-calls a 3-bet after an UTG open. Not poker. Not close.

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Heh, I get your point. It’s not like an MMORPG where I can spend PixelBux™ to buy shiny min/max pixels to go fight ugly pixels because they are a danger to other pixels and their pixel kingdom. But it does move me up the ladder… into games with slightly better play.

Speaking of MMOs… we had a term for unbalanced, overpowered builds: “keyboard faceroll”. Basically, you could roll your face on the keyboard and win the game. Took absolutely no skill. Remind you of anyone?

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But Tennis is a Champion RRP 50 and has over 749 chips in the bank, how can that be ?

Some people get tired of playing and “dump” all their chips in a day or two. I’ve seen good players do it with more than a million chips.
No biggie. Its not like the chips are worth anything.

Better yet, do not allow players with ranking above 1 million to play
in SOME, but not all games. With a high ranking there is no incentive to
maintain your chip count. If you blow it all you can get more a few minutes later.
Granted one should adapt to all types of play, but these players
for the most part, would not play this way in a real money game

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You want a certain number of donkeys on your table. They provide you with all your profits in the long term. The problem is when they roam in herds and comprise of more than half the table. At that point, it becomes more a matter of luck than skill. The ideal table has just enough of them on it for the people who play poker to pick apart.

No donkeys = no profits
Too many donkeys = too much variance


So true. On an ideal table players can take turns with good hands calling the all-in Bingo Boy. If it’s a herd just take time, it will play out eventually and like you say the table will be well funded.

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Well put and I couldn’t agree more :grin:

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well one way to avoid bingo player is go play higher limit! at my limit the 40 million plus table, we actually want bingo players LOL. And once in a while like once every 4 or 8 month we do get a crazy bingo player who shove all in every hand. The bingo player gets everyone excited because we all double or triple up.

Here is what you do against bingo player.

If you have a lot of chips and you can aford it just call the bingo player with any ACE!
if you are tight on chips just call down the bingo player with any pocket pair!


I personally love bingo player, and as a matter of fact i want to play bingo player everyday all day long. Then I can accomplish my dream of 1 trillion chips in like 2 month LOL!


Players have a right to play anyway they want. It use to bother me , but I realized that playing against bingo players makes me a better player. All you have to do is fold. I’ve won more chips from bingo players than all others. I find that most bingo players can’t play anyway and do not have the patience for the game. They will play bad hands. And I know if I get a pair of aces and a bingo player is at the table all I have to do is go all in, they can’t resist most time with anything they have.
If I’ve a pair of aces or kings I will go all in because it’s easier to beat a couple of players than a table full; I don’t want a guy with an 8 6 hitting a straight, flush, or set on me. You simply have to know when to hold them and fold them. Besides, eventually, bingo players always bust out.


This is to -Lyleangel -
What exactly is your “style” of poker, and what exactly makes it more “supreme” than any other form or way of playing? Just curious.

What’s your opinion of a “good hand”? I had a player crab at me because he had an A & Q off suite for hole cards and I won with 6 & 8 suited hole cards. Which by the way would have stomped your pp in the dirt too. lol Just saying, I was called a fish and a bingo player. It’s all in the cards. The “style” you are labeling people with has nothing to do with win or lose, or very little anyways, it is more on betting techniques and timing. Very hard for ANY style to be productive on a freeplay site where people go “all-in” constantly, or over bet on a nothing hand and get lucky enough to win, constantly.
If you cannot hang with a multi-styled poker player, maybe it is you who is lacking skills. Food for thought.

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From what I have seen, the biggest culprits of “pre-flop” ejaculation comes from your pocket pair croannies that think I should heave way to their pair or face cards and fold my 6 & 8 every time . I’ll take a 6 and 8 over them any day.