Tables for Bingo Players

I would like to see separate tables for players who interrupt nice poker players with their bingo way of playing and would like to see tables where they can go to play with others their style. Most of us want to play casual games with others who appreciate the game of poker.


I enjoy playing against all styles of players and I believe adaptability is a key trait to being a good poker player. You cannot always chose your opposition and by playing against “predictable” players all the time is stale! The unpredictability of the opposition and bumping into lunatics makes poker interesting. Bingo players normally have their “time of glory” but ultimately they all crash and burn if you are patient enough. Long live bingo players and they many times “offer a free meal” to the astute players at the table!!!


there already is such a table, it’s called the duck pond :wink:

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Bingo players are allowed to play anywhere any other “type” of player is allowed to play. That’s the way it should be. If you’ve got the chips, you may take a seat.
Now if you want to give them a table that nobody else can join, I’d be against that too. I want a shot at their chips. :wink:


Then let them play at a table of all bingo players… then they can brag about the last man standing… don’t ruin the gave for other players.

Might be an idea to change name to Bingo City as all I see now are bingo players.I’d be quite happy to pay a yearly membership for a real poker site where poker got played and not this constant massive pre-flop raise game.

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So, go do that then. They exist.

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When you look at the ring games, pay attention to the column labeled “average pot.” (Note that this info doesn’t exist for MTTs or SNGs.) Try to join a table with a low average compared to the others at that stake level… What that tells you is there isn’t a lot of wild raising going on. Controlled raising, yes, but not as much random raising. Random raising is just gambling, sometimes called bingo play; controlled raising is poker playing in my opinion. But, there is room here for all of us, you just have to look for it. Good luck.


I wouldn’t want to see them removed from regular tables even if they interrupt a table of “friendly” players with their style. They eventually get over confident and I or one of my friends wind up with their chips.


against bingo playerd just call them down with your top pair!

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If the buy in is big enough I will play…

What is your definition of a bingo player. I have gone all in with pocket A’s for a last breath and won me rite back in the game but was called a bingo player. I am not a bingo player in my book antway.


BS they ruin a good game of poker, I have to sit there and usually drop every hand until they crap out. Makes for a terrible game.

Bingo players go all in almost every hand, I usually lose with pocket aces. I don’t think your a bingo player.

No wall for you!

lol :rofl:
I like to be the one who kraps them out.

What a wonderful world it would be, if everyone else was just like me :slight_smile:

If someone can afford the game, they have every right to sit at the table. Its not their job to accommodate you - its your job to figure out how to beat them. I agree that bingo play is annoying and dull to play against but until the world accepts me as its benevolent overlord, I can’t do anything about it. So, I either avoid the tables where its not fun (almost any ring game) or I put my work-boots on and try to take their chips. Its unrealistic to think you can avoid gamblers in a game that is in large part about gambling. That applies to a 1K MTT and a 1M MTT equally.

*just looked in on a 1M MTT and this was the 1st hand I saw - Hand #467784542 · Replay Poker You can’t avoid bad play/players in this game, especially on a free site. Few hands later: Hand #467786927 · Replay Poker


You speak very well, Lyleangel, and I agree with you 100%. Thank you so much for putting in the suggestion. I know there are many others who would also agree with you. It is so nice playing poker with so many nice friends/people who are really trying to play a “good” game of poker.
Thank you again.

macawesome… thank you for your kind words. I try to express my opinions so that I do not offend others…(do unto others as…) So your post was very nice. I truly believe that if we all played the style of poker that we prefer, with others of the same kind…we would all be happier and have more pleasant experiences.


Bless you heart for writing to me, I don’t understand the forum very well; not sure how to post my thoughts. I have answered a couple and love reading them. I really love this game and because I am physically limited because of only 19% lung function, it is a lifesaver for me. Thank you for your kind words and your post.