3 times i have sat in low stakes brussel square 4/8 and it is stuck has 61 chips in the middle and full deck of cards on table i joined 3 times and had to leave and still its the same stuck

Ashley09, do you have a replay id?

yes its ashley09

yes my id is ashley09

Sorry, I meant a replay of the hand where the chips are stuck in the middle. Is it happening just to you or to everyone seated? If I go to those tables now they’re all empty. Can you take a screenshot maybe to show us what you mean?

as i joined the room the game was already stuck i didnt lose any chips as i didnt get to play a hand 3 times i joined and 3 times was same people were joining and leaving as they seen it was stuck didnt see what hand number it was so sorry

when u asked for my replay id i thought free chips for the bug lol sorry

i just looked at my activity as i only sat and wasnt able to play hand it dont show up time or hand number in activity sorry

the time i sat in was between 12 and 4 this afternoon uk time if thats anyhelp

Unfortunately we need the actual replay ids. If it happens again please take a note of them and post them in here.

no probs i will do