Table snatchers and hog bidders

RP has a great concept however, in addition to all previous comments; I found that even when I get the best hands the regulars, i.e. the hog bidders, and table snatchers get better. In fact it happens so often that I feel my only hope of winning is to get all aces or a royal flush and numerous times. Seriously, how often is more than one full house, flush, or four of a kind seen on the table at the same time? I have been playing online poker for years and rarely have I played against the same player twice but here I am stuck with the same small group of hogs and snatchers. It is not just happening with low stakes as I have played medium and high stakes and there is no difference. Why is it that regardless of the many great incentives RP offers there is less than 100 players online at any given time (guess who). Obliviously I am not the only one observing this.

I just left all my chips, which I paid for, (real money) on the table (200000) and that was just today. I threw it all in without even looking at my cards. It took about 6 hands to go broke. I’m over this phony bs. Now can someone please tell me how to cancel my account?

1000-2000 user log in each day and play, yes, most of the time about 100 online.

Sorry to hear you think you have to win in the first 6 hand when you seat in the room, unfortunately RP cannot make you win (or loose), besides, other 5-9 player want to win in the very same time when you.

Sorry, RP do not have bot players like other sites, you play here against real players.

Deactivate Account go to

I never play with bots only real people, and I never said I had to win the first 6 hands, I implied the odds of winning were so malfunctioning that I felt my only chance at beating them was to get 4 aces or a royal flush/straight flush consistently (at least one or two every game).

Even though I feel strongly about this I am the first to admit I may have taken it a little too personal, but that does not change my experience here, which was not fun, friendly, or competitive in any way.

I intended to leave all my chips on the table but apparently, it did not happen. Can you kindly donate them to the next person who joins?

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Turcsanyl, what’s your username on the site?

The reason we have only about 100-200 players online is that we haven’t done any marketing of the website yet to attract new players. We’ve spent the last 12 months developing and improving the website. We feel like we’re almost at a point where we feel confident to spend some marketing dollars attracting new players. But first we wanted to create a really compelling website that new players would want to play on and stick around.

The site’s always had a loyal following of players, some have been playing more than 5 years on the site.

In terms of what to do about the ‘hog bidders’ and ‘table snatchers’ I’m very much open to discuss ways that we can influence play to be more competitive and overall more fun, especially for new players. So I invite you to help us to try and come up with some solutions. You can send me a message direct just by using the new support feature within the site.

As far as your cards verus other players, this is a discussion that crops up again and again, questioning the legitimacy of the decks. Well I can promise you that the coding of the logic for dealing of cards and the random number generator we use is 100% legit and has been tested independently by a testing board. If you click the Gaming Associates link at the bottom of the page then you’ll see our certificate. We genuinely want to create a fantastic poker site, and the most important aspect for us is the fairness of the game. So if you feel some players are getting better cards it’s just appearances. There is absolutely no code in our system that influences the cards. Every hand is completely random. At the same time I understand we can need to not just create a fair game but show it’s fair, so we’re coming up with ideas to show realtime stats of hands dealt and try and make it transparent so all players can see for themselves the expected probability of a hand appearing matches what we’re dealing.

One thing that caught out another player is the Royal Holdem games, these have decks with fewer cards so if you ever end up playing this type of poker, you’re going to get a lot of high value hands (they only have tens, jacks, queens, kings, and aces.) I think we need to do a better job of highlighting when a player joins this type of game, so they don’t think there’s something wrong with our system.

I aggre with you on most users have nothing to loose and they tend to play all in to double up quick. These days pp a bit unpatient. But you can chose fold, right?

I dont believe just becouse you play a lil bit, your comment stand on any ground.

Lehet hogy magyarul könnyebb. Én találkozom nap mint nap felhasználókkal akik csak kikapcsolódni jönnek ide, barátkozni/beszélgetni. Azt se értem miért mondod hogy nem versenyképes a játék. Te döntöd el hogy hívsz vagy nem. Nem tudom milyen eredményeket értél el máshol, és milyen gyorsan de azt elmondhatom hogy egy pl 10 es asztalnál egy a tízhez az esélyed átlagosan. A közepes és magas szinten nincs igazad, 99% a játékosok nem játszik all-in-t. De ott nagyon sok jó játékos van, felkötheted a gatyád ha velük játszol. Nm értem ha valaki all-in játszik, miért nem választasz másik asztalt? Vagy csak vársz egy jó kézre és akkor hívsz. Tudod több asztalon is játszhatsz egyszerre.

Sorry, we cannot donate any chips to anyone.

Én értékelem a megjegyzéseit. Én is jöttem ide, hogy pihenjen. Ismét úgy gondolom, hogy valami, amit én is történt volna személyesen is, de mások nem. Mondja meg nekem, mikor egy játékos ajánlatok pontos száma a chipek személyes hogyan van ez? Ez történt több, mint egyszer. Nem azt mondom, nincsenek jó emberek, csak soha nem találkoztam velük. Én játszottam az utolsó játék a közép-tét és 4. a nagy nyertesek voltak (bocs) sertés, amikor elvitték a zsákmányt, és balra, majd 4 (bocs) sertés csatlakozott.

Köszönjük, hogy időt, hogy válaszoljon, és hogy van lehetőség bizonyos dolgok megváltoztatására.

This could go on forever. I might try again one day see if some changes happened.

Long, but very well said.

I tought your family name reflect your nationality, obviously not. Im suprised you spent time to translate it.

I think you should keep your account and try l8er. Myself not play too much anymore, but I like to play against you ( or anyone) who open for friendly chat and play serious poker.

I think Paul answeared for you below perfectly.


Az első alkalommal jobb voltál

marcipan? When was the last time you had to go get chips?mmmmm?

lost Last week: -324,795 mmmmmmmmmmmm last two month a mill down… mmmmm most of the mods constantly loose… dont want to say nicks…You can check it now if you wish. Some mod buy before chips contribute RP to run.!!! Beside Im proud never go to the bank since I sign up and dont forget , when they made me two years ago moderator, I got 2.2 mill. Soooo right now 1 mill up since Im mod. lol.

Oh forget, I did go get superreward sometime to test it, I guess 50k from them. (I got idea before , make “clean” accounts who wish, pay back all awards ad barrowed chips.)

What you try to say here is offensive and pointless.

Playing takes time, patience, knowing when to hold them and fold them. I would suggest having free for all tables and controlled bidding tables.

There was also an idea that I had, though I do not know how you would make it work, is to set tables for certain playing styles.

I have also discovered when I get frustrated with someone’s playing style I will go to an empty table and open it and wait for someone to join. So far the wait has not been long. I am new to RP. I have had a good experience. I am also new at playing the game. I have not only learned the hold’em tables but the Omaha as well.

Thanks for your feedback twosweet2000. When you said 'I would suggest having free for all tables and controlled bidding tables. ’ - I’m not sure what you mean, can you expand on this?