Table not found

The table I signed up for could not be found. Looking at the Lobby nobody was able to play.

who do I contact to get my chips back?

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Hi @Kevin-Flynn ,

You might want to locate the tournament ID in your activity or transaction page.

And drop an email to the, the support team should be able to assist.

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Hi @Kevin-Flynn,

We wrote an article about this topic, please check it out.

And as mentioned by luffy, you can send us an email with the tournament ID so we can look it up for you.

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Why when i sometimes try to play at a ring game and see a player or 2 etc. it will say “table closed”?

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I had that problem when new and just went to last hands played, it will show u sitting out and the other players, just pull up a player playing n it shows where they are playing n get on from there. This is a last resort thing but works, good luck.

I’ve seen that a few times. No idea why.

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