Table is no longer available

I have two problems that I needed addressed, one is that when was playing 200k freeroll Omaha on 2/23 it took forever for the program to load up and put me on a table, the second is that when I got to a level and it said this table is no longer available I thought it would transfer me a table that was active instead I waited and waited and then It kicked me out, I had a little over 3k chips when this happen and the ante was around 200 chips, when I finally got back on the ante it was 1000 chips and I only had 850 chips left and it put me all in and I lost the hand and ended up in 86th place, I know its freeroll but this is an ongoing problem that me and others have been experiencing here lately. This is very annoying and makes me very angry when this is suppose to be a fun site to play on, could this problem be looked at and corrected so that this doesn’t happen again I would appreciate it. Like I said I did not like what happen, this is not the first time it happen to me in the past week, thx

Hello, snoopdawgg,

We have been working hard on that lately, yesterday we rolled out a new version that will change your table after you stand up, so you’ll wait at the next table. Throughout the week will make more changes to further improve it, like adding informative messages about the balance and trying to trigger the redirect asap.

Thanks for reporting, Pericles