Table Flickering with Chrome and Windows

Hey all,

If you’re running Windows as your operating system and you’re using the latest version of Chrome as your browser, you may have run into some issues with flickering tables. This is something we at Replay aren’t able to fix, as it’s a bug with the Chrome browser in particular. I sent out a pop-up about this issue to relevant players, suggesting Firefox if this situation gets annoying.

We have some good news, though – it looks like there’s a setting you can toggle if you want to continue using Chrome that may fix the issue. We discovered it on this site’s knowledge base, and you just need to take the following steps:

  1. Open your Chrome settings by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner and selecting “Settings”

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the page, then click “Advanced”
  2. Under “System,” click “Use hardware acceleration when available” so that it is TOGGLED OFF:

This should allow you to continue to use Chrome and not experience any flickering. That said, if you go through these steps and still have this problem, please let us know.


Thanks for the info @fizzymint! Just changed the setting’s and replayed a few hands.The setting change has worked for me!


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Mine has been flickering too. I thought I was just blinking more than usual, so went to get my eyes checked. It wasn’t my eyeballs!

I made the change you suggested, and it seems to be working fine now, thanks!


Can’t wait for the HTML5 re-implementation of RPP. How’s that coming?


It’s going well! Might even be able to talk a little about it soon™. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that.
I thought it was a windows problem. (just installed their latest updates)
I did not realize it only occured when playing Replay Poker.
Will monitor and advise if fixed worked.

How exciting!
I’m still open to being a beta tester if you need any.
I beta tested several years for a major video production program (NLE called Sony Vegas Pro) and audio production prog (Cakewalk Sonar) and always honored the NDAs :wink: