Table Color (Customization)

It could be possible to choose the color of the table and the background to give more emphasis, because this way it looks like the table and the background are the same thing.



I think the table colors in MTT games provide an indication of the type of game which is being played e.g., compare the table colors of the Royal, Hold 'Em or 7-Stud games.

But if you’re referring to Ring games then never mind because I think they are all the same colors.

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I believe you’re talking about something like this? The table is defined and different from the background. I’ve seen this on several sites and players can choose the colors of both the felt and background.


with all the things this site needs this is at the botoom of the list for me

@cmdealin Yea! The possibility of customizing the room should be interesting.

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You can look to this:

@Poki65 This function should be optional, so everyone can customize it in their own way, instead of you needing to add it to the browser.