Table booting should be introduced

Was in the 50k tourney yesterday final table ,one player did not play a single hand till the end of the tourney as was not on his seat but had 29000 chips(not sure how long before that he ws away as he was not on my table).
He finished a incredible 3rd considering he didnt play a single hand when down to 9 players.he got blinded out.
i had to win 15 hands or more to be sitting with 30k average on the table and was chip leader and this 'sleeper’was 2nd for the longest time.
This is completely unfair…
There has to be a time frame a person is on the final table before being booted out- say for arguement-10 or 15 minutes.
Or no of hands 10-15 hands.
Being a sleeper doesnt give us access to his chips and 29000 chips are not into play.For whatever reason the player cannot continue further there should be time limit.
The time limit may not give us his pot to play but atleast the other players can play for money position .
There are times and these are the usual culprits who leave the final table with a stack and come back later to play…and they do this on a regular basis.
Above does not augur well for the game.
Can we not induct a time frame policy here? this means it does not apply only to final table but right thru the is totally unfair to protect your chips by not being at the table.This is not gamemanship.

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