Symphonic metal and power metal

feel free to post and comment about symphonic metal and power metal songs in here

here some fun stories from me first:

i actually always liked this kinds of music, however i was never really into music in general because i never really liked the “standard radio” music much. and since i wasn’t aware this kind of bands existed i wasn’t really into it either, however since a few years ago i let someone hear about a few musics i knew of and asked if he knew what genre it belonged to (i asked because he know a lot bout it). he eventually told me the genre and showed me a few bands with this kind of music. i tried a few songs of them afterwards and eventually nightwish stood out the most by far. and it became (and still is) my favorite band.

beast in black:
this will be my nr2 band. a few months ago i did go to my first concert which was from nightwish. however when i got my confirmation mail about the ticket, they mentioned a certain band before nightwish came, which was beast in black. i searched out a few songs on the internet and liked them a lot as well. which only improved when i got there.

this one discovered just a few days ago so i don’t know a lot of em yet (however i already have listened a lot of songs :slight_smile:). i think you understand that this one will be my nr3.

the thing they all have in common is that it’s rarely to never i find a song i really don’t like. usually they vary from good to amazing imo.

i’ll post a bunch of them so you can all judge for yourself, but since there are so many good ones i’ll just pick a few of em.
i’ll try to pick the best of the best and still keep some variation in them

here some from nightwish:

this one if you’re patient:

this one if you’re reeaaaaaly patient :slight_smile: probably worth to say is that stage 4 and 5 are much less then 1-3, they are just amazing

here a few from beast in black:

by far their most popular one, and for good reason:

their first song

imo the best one from their new album which is pretty new:

here some from powerwolf:

just in case you like a lot more power, try these ones. have to add that it’s a bit other genre called melodic death metal. the band is arch enemy:

just in case you are the opposite and rather like some calmer songs, here are a few great but calm songs:




nightwish, the very best of all the calm songs i know of imo:

beast in black:

feel free to post and comment about the songs yourself.
very curious to the opinions :grin:
obviously also feel free to post your own favorites.

have fun every1 :slight_smile:

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100% new to me - never heard of any of them before. Thanks for introducing me to them, Good stuff!

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yw. good to hear you like them :+1:

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Arch Enemy is the only one I’ve heard of but will definitely check out the rest (I like what I heard from Nightwish so far).
I’m a few generations older than you but I grew up on heavy metal (especially if it involved orchestration).
The most current heavy stuff I like now is and
See if you recognize the voice of the monologue at the end of this one.
Sorry, I couldn’t figure out how to make the vid play here like you did.

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ah ok, very nice :slight_smile:. in my case it’s kinda the opposite, i have always liked the genre but cuz no one i know reallly listened to it it took me quite a while to figure out the name of the genre.

lol first one is funny :slight_smile:
i agree second one has some similarities, i do recognise the voice monologue, it’s kinda like greatest show on earth from NW :slight_smile:

np. when you look at the bar where you clicked the hyperlink button (to make the links), 3 parts to the right is an arrow button with the name upload, click that one and you can do the same with copying the URL bar, but instead you get the video :wink:

It’s Neil Tyson DeGrasse…the guy from Cosmos.

Weird, that’s what I did, upload and then selected “from the web”…oh well.

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It appears I may be of assistance in this thread…

I’ll provide links instead of embeds for thread compression and ease of reading. Just click ‘em open in a new tab and read while you listen.

Dimmu Borgir
Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
This album was a turning point for the band. It was where they left their black metal roots and became more symphonic. Instead of heavy keyboard & synth work, they had the Gothenburg symphonic orchestra contribute to the tracks. The combination of a full orchestra, clean backing vocals, and Nick Barker pumping out blast beats made this an instant favorite of mine.

Enthrone Darkness Triumphant
This came a few years before PEM and exemplifies what they used to do. I find it easy to get lost in the melodies and just relax.

Old Man’s Child
I jokingly refer to OMC as “more Dimmu than Dimmu” because the main man behind it is the lead guitarist for Dimmu Borgir and OMC sounds a lot like older Dimmu Borgir.
In Defiance of Existance
Notice the drumming is similar to PEM? Yeah, Nick Barker did the drums on this one too.

One of the most influential Black Metal bands ever. Most of their recorded work is from the 90s. It has the expected traits of the genre like intentionally “lo-fi” production and lots of keyboard & synth. I’ve got a song from each of the old albums here. Skip ahead into the songs a bit for the melodic portions.

One of the founding members of Emperor started a solo project about a decade later. It’s somewhat different than his older work, but enjoyable just the same.

This band doesn’t really have a dedicated “lead” guitarist. Rather, they play bass guitars that just happen to have the higher note strings on them. Yes, 7 and 8-string guitars (see video). It makes for a very low-pitched grooving wall of sound. Oh, and the drummer is expert level at poly-rhythms. (See the guitars here.) (Live set, cameras focused on drummer.)
If you check out the album “Nothing”, make sure you get the 2006 re-issue. They re-recorded the guitar tracks with the desired guitars (which were not ready in time for the first release). It sounds so much better.

Octavia Sperati
Think Black Sabbath but with Scandinavian chicks instead. Two albums, very obscure.
Winter Enclosure
Grace Submerged (This album was made extra loud, watch your headphones.)

I could go on for a while, but this post is pretty long as it is. If you’re looking for something specific… slower, softer, darker, more/less overdriven guitars or acoustics, unusual instruments or band sound, female vocals, etc… I may be able to point you toward something. Just ask.


ah ok, thought u were referring to the similarities of my own links :slight_smile:

i think i know what happened: it’s impossible to upload a video if theres additional text on the same line. instead if you part them with the enter button it’s shows the actual video

nice to see you like metal and seem to know quite much about it.
i think i liked the last band the most, i also liked some of some of the other bands even though it’s quite different then the stuff i usually listen to.

last one is missing :wink:

good question, would be nice as i’m probably much less known then you are.
can’t really think of something specific. however what i can say is which ones i do like a lot so you kinda have an idea which kinds you can point me to:

top tier (on these ones i love almost every one of them, it’s quite rare i find a song i don’t like) :

1: nightwish
2: beast in black
3: powerwolf

second tier (also great bands, however these usually have varied results in my liking, however the ones i do like are usually equal to my top tier ones) :

  • arch enemy
  • kamelot
  • rhapsody of fire
  • sabaton

Wow, I’m amazed at the physicality of some of these whippersnapper drummers!
I started playing drums professionally in 1974 (I’m old as the hills) when I was playing rock and jazz rock (ie Beatles, Steely Dan, originals, etc) and had a huge chrome Slingerland double kick set.
I prided myself on some of my double kick work (ie Aja and some of our originals) until decades later when my sons would play some of these newer drummers that can play faster with a single kick than I ever could on double kick…they’re like machines!

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Well, it seems like you have a thing for adventure metal. I think I’ve got a little something here…


Leaves’ Eyes

Before Liv Kristine went to Leaves’ Eyes, she was in…
Theatre of Tragedy
…which was a gothic metal band for 3 albums and then made a significant shift to electropop. Some examples of the early stuff:

In case you were unaware of what Tarja’s been up to since Nightwish, here’s a few… (mildly poker related :wink:)

And I’ll throw in a couple of Dutch symphonic metal bands for the heck of it…
After Forever

I think this is about all I’ve got within range. There’s certainly a lot more beyond this horizon, however.


The Foz did his homework :grin:

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nice list :+1:
also fun to see where tarja went after NW

haha indeed :slight_smile:

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this part got me thinking, now that i know where tarja has gone too, it made me curious to anette as well. i searched and found that shes now in a new band called the dark element, and i certainly liked what i heared so far. here a few links:
the dark element, my sweet mystery
the dark element, the ghost and the reaper

in the process i also found another very good band called xandria. their music sounds a lot like nightwish. and their best song is really amazing imo:
xandria, nightfall

i certainly gonna search out more of them, just had to share these songs here :slight_smile:

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i’ve searched em out a lot more by now. i defenitely like em both, especcialy xandria. i listened to two albums till now and didn’t even had 1 song that was mediorce or worse. every single one of them was varying between good and amazing imo. which kinda makes it one of my tier 1 bands!
as for the people that already know and like nightwish, i highly recommend checking this band out as well.
since the edit pencil in the op is closed again for some strange reason. ill just share a few of them here as well:

easily the best one of them all. my personal favorite and the one with most views by far

my personal nr2 ive heared till now, closely to my nr1

nr2 in terms of views

can’t get much closer to nightwish imo, except maybe nightwish itself :wink: