Swingy day

Just a few of the bigger pots.






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Let me guess: Gin and tonic :wink:

Sick, sick sick sick. New kid on the block doing well.

After the 1st 3 hands I was wondering where the “swingy” part was. Thankfully you posted the last 2. Looks like some wild games.


closer to Moscow mule… well exactly Moscow mule. This hand I hit the fold pre button, that’s what my eyes did anyway, my clicker hit the call button though. I figure when the PFR and the 3! x they could have strong hands but after the misclick pre I just didn’t want to fold so much equity and I’ve seen some funky stuff from PT so I went for max fold equity.

Yeah he’s doing very well. You should here the other guys talk about him like he’s a poker God lol. I think he and I have been developing a little dynamic between us. Honestly think I have him a little tilted. He’s 3! to 22 bb’s a few times over my standard EP/MP open to 2.2 bb’s and at least twice shoved flops for 6x psb where I 3! pre and c bet .25 or x. The hand where I x/r turn with air and hit the J was a weird one. I know he can have the sets but he’s flatting much wider than baby pairs to play pots IP vs CK and he’s pretty sticky. Apparently more so than I initially realized. Anyway this all seems like justification for a spewy play and probably is to some extent, I have adjusted my strategy in pots with him, we’ll see how it goes. He’s definitely looser pre flop than the other guys I’ve discussed him with think he is, flatting A4o pre and T9s on the btn vs HJ open and then to a 40 bb 3! from sb.

Fun fact… the AQ on AQ8 vs 88 and the 55 turn straight vs ded’s A4o happened simultaneously and I dropped 350M in 1 minute, lol! UGH I’m back to work, take care @1Warlock


We have wildly different definitions of “fun”. LOL

That does sound like a very loose style of play from the new guy. On the other hand, I’ve seen players ranked in the top 20 flat UTG opens with 9/8o from EP and cold call 3! with A3s in the SB. People like to see flops.

BTW, I was listening to a solid pro who has an exploit vs loose player pools like this. He opens smaller OOP and larger IP, figuring he wants to play his largest pots IP. If no one is going to fold anyway, he doesn’t see the point in going larger OOP. I’ve given this some thought and I can see the merits in what he’s doing. Its 180 degrees opposite of technically sound play vs technically sound opponents but it does make sense. Did you ever see someone doing this? Does it make any sense to you?