Supporting replay by maybe buying a mug

So, want to support replay since I like playing poker here. I don’t want to buy chips. I would like to buy a mug. But, I would to buy a mug NOT with just replay poker on it but with 1 or more of the following options:

  • Current Year (that way replay can sell me more mugs…1 or a bunch maybe every year)
  • My replay poker handle
  • My current ranking
  • My tournament winner(s) or place # : Winner of freeplay #12345 on date, or 2nd, 3rd, etc
  • My tournament winning hand
  • My best winning hand
  • endorsements
  • missions
  • etc, etc
  • stuff custom to my replay account

What do you say replay? I’m about to purchase a plain ol’ mug but would rather have a customized one that highlights my play on replay.

I have a customized mug , but it was a gift from Replay many years ago for helping them out I also have a custom hoodie for winning the RTC a few years ago . I think it would be great if they sold custom made ones and it might boost their sales .


Absolutely agree! I’m pretty dang proud of both my mug and my sweatshirt. :slight_smile:



You can have one made with anything you want on it on many online sites for about $10.

I tried to buy a mug awhile back but couldn’t. I think it was because I had to register and log in at some other site. When I can buy something with my replay poker login, I will try again.

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It would be nice for anyone to buy any merchandise with Replay Chips. Not to mention the fact that it would help with getting chips out of circulation here so the “ Free Chips “ are worth more, if you get what I’m saying.

Happy New Year Replay Poker. There’s another topic ‘Likes n Dislikes’…couldn’t nav to that so I’ll post here instead. I would LIKE to buy a replay mug to support replay site. I DISLIKE having to nav to a 3rd party site store, register (name, password), login and then buy a mug. I would LIKE to just login to replay poker and buy the mug there.

I would LIKE replay poker to make a new years resolution : sell their mugs, tees, etc from the replay poker site.

I would LIKE to ask a question: replay sells chips on replay site? Add mugs, etc in to that.

Finally, I LIKE replay poker and I LIKE playing ring and MTT tournaments on the site.