Super Bowl Promotion

I would like to thank you for putting on this promotion with the opportunity to win chips. I would love to participate but the times 12:45 am is long past my bedtime on the east coast of the USA and the 6:30 am is too early for me to start playing since I’m driving to work at that time. Please consider some times that are more suited for the EST time zone in the USA. Thank you

It is a very nice promotion - I agree on that. Unfortunately we seem to have regressed rather than made progress on the satellites. Crazy-low number of prizes which should cap the number of entrants to each satellite at 30 or so people tops before the EV goes negative.

Frankly, I’m rather disappointed that RP didn’t use this opportunity to execute the variable payout satellite structure that has been discussed before in these forums. It would have been a great time to move to a format that everyone seems to agree is more desirable. Instead, we will likely see overcrowded fields chasing negative returns - something that discourages people who pay attention to ROI from participating in.

The variable satellites could not be developped in time unfortunately. We are all keen on having this feature on Replay. There is no doubt there. Once we have it, we will be able to have more satellites and more promotions around them. The tournament schedule will be more attractive as a result too… :slight_smile:

When it comes to the Super Bowl promotion. We haven’t run so many promotions on high stake MTTs lately. This promotion is initially built up for the bigger bankrolls who like to play 50K+ buy-in tournaments. We added some satellites for all bankrolls to be able to participate however this is the first time we run satellites paying out tickets of such value and it is part of the plan to look at the first days of promotion and adapt the prize pool prize structure based on participation. We can already see that some of these satellites could give away 5+ tickets. We will have more tickets being paid out from tomorrow!

In regards to the game scheduling and leaderboards, we are currently looking at all the feedback we have on the current leagues and leaderboards. Some changes will apply this year as we clearly understand the importance of offering different type of leaderboards and rankings.