Sun's SnG Challenge


Poker is a lot like Minecraft™️, sometimes you have to make your own adventures!

So here’s the challenge… Win an Astral League SnG weekly “Best 20” leaderboard with a perfect score… 20 wins. This should be possible, but you will have to play quite a few tournies to pull it off.

Since there are league games in low, medium, and high stakes, everyone should be able to play along. Post it here if you manage to do it, and then we can keep trying to do the same with less games. Kinda like “Name That Tune,” but with poker.

Good luck and have fun!


Well, how about if we go for 20 6th place finishes? I’m off to a good start :slight_smile:


Yeah, I’m off to a great start too… 1 game, one 9th place!

Of course, i did that on purpose in order to radiate whatever it was that someone said I radiate. Pretty clever, huh?

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I was upwind so really couldn’t tell what you were radiating.

GL next one

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Here’s a list of the SnGs included in this challenge…

Astral - Pegasus, 100k
Astral - Ursa Major, 25k
Astral - Ursa Minor, 10k
Astral - Orion, 2.5k


I was downwind and he definitely was radiating…

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I’ve been trying…