Summer SNG promo starts tonight?

It’s supposed to start at midnight EST - about 50 minutes ago?

Not seeing them in the SNG tab. Perhaps there was some confusion on the promo pages since Replay has two promos starting so close together - the Summer SNGs on Sunday, the Father’s Rebuy on Monday. Maybe the start times got mixed up?

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Last season, the Spring, we bought you a brand new promotion. It was so popular that we have rebooted it for the Summer, and we are proud to bring you, the Summer SnG Marathon!

While we all focus on safety, Replay Poker offers you a way to socialize with both local and global friends from the comfort of your home. And earn extra chips while doing so!

Starting Sunday, June 14th and finishing on Saturday, August 29th , The Summer SnG Marathon is the perfect way to beat the quarantine blues.

Running over six weeks, The Spring SnG Marathon features a daily 1,000,000 chip leaderboard , based on your first seven games of each day.

In addition, there is a weekly 5,000,000 chip leaderboard that rewards the total number of wins (1st places) that you earn over the week.

So head on over to the SnG section of the site and watch out for the special SnGs, which are Light Yellow in color.

Summer SnG Marathon Format

Start Date Game Buyin Seats Paid Starting Chips Clock
06/14 NL Hold’em 1,000 9 Max Top 3 1,500 6 Mins

*** Pretty sure this is correct since I copied it directly off site***

What upsets me is that @Matchstk reported this and now 3 hours later NO Explaination of why … a simple explaination would be surfice but as always not a peep and the players r suppose to just wait … how about something like … we have run into some technical problems and we are addressing this and hope this promo will begin at XX time … Hello Replay you are dropping the ball once again come on a little profestionalism would be nice

Thank you for your time regarding this matter … The Goat


missed it well we be killers

Huzzah - I woke up this morning and there they were. However, I see no active leaderboards for the promo. I’m hesitant to start playing them if they aren’t counting towards a First 7. Not trying to complain, just wondering if the finished SNGs will be tabulated later. Thanks for bringing this promo back, had a lot of fun with it in the Spring - hope it gets on its feet.

also, can replay stabilize the SNG lobby? tournaments keep disappearing and reappearing. go click on one and its gone. sometimes need to refresh the page so tournaments return. very annoying. ( same with ring lobby) it about gives my headache watching them disappear and reappear

Noooooo!!! I thought I had put this thing in the rearview mirror forever :slight_smile:

GL to you @Matchstk - I’ll have to give it some thought to see if I want to jump into the competition this time. Always fun to play against you and @bahia7 and some other but man, that last promotion was a grind (aside from the glitches in the leaderboards).


LOL Comic - that’s right, it’s all my fault. Always good to play cards with you too, hope to see you there. You know, you don’t have to commit to the whole promo - you can just pick a few days to compete. Hope you and yours are well.


Interesting, these SNGs are supposed to be light yellow in color, but appear the same as the rest of the SNGs color-wise. No links to the leaderboards from the games, and it doesn’t look like anything is being scored yet. Oh well, too late to get 7 in before work anyway :slight_smile:


Using your filters can help with that. I usually only play SNGs during promotions, so I make the promotion a “favorite” and have it show only favorites. Still refreshes some, but isn’t nearly as jumpy.

I guess one way to fix the leaderboard issues is to skip having them altogether. We can draw straws for who places where and not give up much accuracy to the old way.


Summer SnG marathon started on time and the first event ran at 00:08 - @Matchstk, I think it may have been filters or your favourites?

They are (and always have been) in Light Yellow, @bahia7, are you seeing that now?

The link in the Lobby was not connecting and I fixed that earlier today.

The LB were working correctly yesterday but not visible to players. Apologies for that.



I did find them eventually, though they still look the same yellow as most of the SNGs. I couldn’t find them at all the first few hours, and 5-6 friends mentioned they couldn’t find them either. When I woke up, they were easy to find, but without enough time left before work to get 7 good games in, I figured I’d skip the daily.

I sure didn’t see any game or games listed with Summer Marathon Listed or Playing for Several hours and went to bed.

I want to get in the tourney, how do I sign up

go to lobby. click on sit and go tournament tab. scroll to bottom to find the summer promotion tourney and register. least I have to scroll to bottom to find them