Summer SnG Decathlon - 2018

I keep getting this when I try to access the leader boards for this promotion. anyone else having trouble viewing leaderboard?
Failed to load: promotions. If the problem persists, please contact Replay Poker Support team.

No. I am able to view it without any problems.

I see that fine. its when I scroll down and click on tournament points is when I get that message.

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Ok then yes, same problem.

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I am having that problem as well and will notify Support@ReplayPoker.Com. Perhaps others have already reported it as well.

would be nice to see how well I am doing in this promotion. I know got several 1st’s and 2nd’s

Sorry about that! After staff doing testing and unable to figure out the problem, we finally realized … it was in preview mode and only we could see it. :woman_facepalming:

You should be able to view the leaderboard normally now. My apologies again for the delay!

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is that possible the point leader having that many points already? nobody else has hit 20000

It is! Our Poker Ops team double-checked and all is correct.

might as well stop playing this promotion. gonna make a note not play anymore leader boards without a cap. few players have ruined this promotion.