Summer Road Trip FreeRolls

SRTFR’s is a good concept and fun although there is too much of reward for players who just sit and run the timer down every hand and not play other than when in the big blind so they can end up placing well in the tourney with minimal engagement of play thus getting a bigger payout for hanging out other than playing. Blinds and hand buy in could be more progressive like other FreeRolls to speed the game up and eliminate those who do not play other than sitting active running the timer every time and then folding.

More reward should be given to those who play than to those who sit and do nothing other than waste 8 other players time for optimal placement on the leaderboard.

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From my perspective, I can’t play poker the way a lot of people play on this site. They go all-in with a crap hand or they raise on every call (even though they don’t have a hand). For me, playing poker strategically means seeing the flop. To see the flop in the majority of the games here, you have to be willing to give up your first child to even see the flop. So, for me, sitting and waiting for my best move may mean only going in on the blind UNTIL the bingo player has been eliminated or moved to a new table. My game is more about avoiding the bingo players than actually making a good hand these days. It’s not about good hands here, it’s about bullying the table on every hand. That is what is the most frustrating thing to me about online poker. Years ago, when the internet first started, I played a lot of online poker on AOL. It wasn’t about bingo then, it was about playing poker. Times change and the internet is full of aggressive people who have no intention of playing a ‘friendly’ game. I want to play friendly games, where the best hand wins not the best bingo player. Just my 2 cents.


I’m the same, these all-in clowns really drive me crazy. I found that if you play the 1/2 low stakes games the people seem to be playing the game for the reason I do, to enjoy the art of playing proper poker.