Suggestions for improving Replay Poker

This may be a stretch but nevertheless it could in all liklihood hit the Jackpot (so to speak) the idea is to have more of a real time table feel, although i can see there could be drawbacks to it but. What about real time audio? Players wishing to indulge would need Headphones or Speakers and a Microphone. It might increASE THE FUN FACTOR AND ALSO TAKE LESS TIME TO ANSWER A QUESTION FOR A NEW PLAYER RATHER THAN TYPING Just noticed I had accidentally hit the caps lock key. In rebuy tournaments I have encountered people who had a hard time finding the place to rebuy or add on. Obviously with other announcements coming down the pike in the chat box window it can be nerve wracking because typing quickly enough for someone to read and the message going by fast because of other messages pushing out your reply to their question presents many challenges. What do you say or type to that? Real Time Chat like a telephone conversation only more like a conference call. There maybe conflicts with bandwidth, usage magnitude (# of players online simultaneously) etc but that could be overcome if there is enough people interested in the experiment. When I mentioned problems arising, it may be from disgruntled players getting carried away verbally. However there are software filters available that detect content in speech which could be programmed to reject words considered vulgar or not suitable for on air broadcasting. I have been meaning to bring this idea to your attention and consideration for awhile but time constraints and whatever else seems to pop up and interupt plans has prevented this event from occurring until now. Thanks for consideration on the topic.


I think it’s all great :+1:t2: but at the same time I don’t think Replay would make such a huge investment to get that poker platform. They are working on a new next generation platform Paul aka Mr. Replay said.

First the switch to HTML5 from flash. Then the ability to play on mobile devices across all browsers which isn’t available on Replay Poker right now.

We shall see …

My Browser got hacked. I was using firfox and some lags then worse I lost player control and I noticed it always happened when there was 1 or more spectators. It felt like someone else was in control over my responses with time lags or rushed buttons pressed varing amounts bet, hit CALL hand would FOLD hit to FOLD it would RAISE or GO ALL IN etc. It became so frequent and I was going batty trying to contact Technical support etc and figure it out, sometimes 2 hands behind what was really playing. Hear the sound of cards being dealt and no cards to see to respond get folded always with good hands too, it was driving me insane so annoying frustrating and beyond until I decided to take Google Chrome for another test drive. It solved the problem. Someone had obviously hacked Firefox and was in the drivers seat playing against me.

Let me ask you then, if you could solve 75% of complaints about rigg’d with 3 lines of code, why wait for a new version… then add the corresponding 25% into the re-do for H5, so that combined that should solve that, as best as any site can…

The next hottest topic is Timers, and really that too can be solved easily 50%, and the other 50% does require coding so again the full solution is in the next update…

You have 2 main groups of ppl you should be listening to, the ppl that pay for chips and the ppl that spend the time to come to the forum and contribute… just as in life, if you don’t vote… then you really don’t have a position to “witch” from. Therefore the Forum is an integral part of the site, and there are easy ways to “coax” people to come to the forum, read a few topics, and contribute. ( especially not having the part on the dashboard about the forum @ the bottom of the page, where 1/2 of the players never scroll down to see it )

I don’t use google or something else to tell me what the #1 complaint around here is, I just go by what I read… and I read almost every topic, every reply … to stay current. Some companies pay darn good $$$ for consultants, to go thru every page, every item, everything… then give recommendations… and those ppl aren’t cheap, and usually they are impartial, with no skin in the game. There is something to be said for that feedback comming from your customers, why sell Sprockets if your customers want Cogs…

I have been here over a year, and I see no big increases in the playerbase… that tells me those ppl that like Replay are already here, and those that don’t… move on quickly to another site. I also seem to see a static distribution of players… slanted to Ring games, next is MTT, then SnG… There is a segment that stays around, till it gets boring … then they go elsewhere.

Just as there are different goals for players, the staff can have different goals too. We as players are not, and should not be privy to the inner workings of the staff’s decisions. Yes, some transparency is awesome and necessary, but for the most part, duhhhhh, its thier site.

This topic was started AFTER, the “under construction” thread the staff wrote, what that tells me is : Alot of ppl that make it here to the forum, don’t scroll thru topics enuff before starting a new one. What that does is clutter the forum with the same topics every few months… what it also says is if a topic has come up every 3-4 months for 2 years… then that is not being properly address’d by staff, or staff wants it as-is … I do think Players want more input from the staff into certain posts around here… but not just “cookie-cutter” responses, that “seem” like nothing more than the o’le run-around…

Unless its a VR solution, and even then did you think thru your “audio” suggestion ??? Yes, we can all accomplish alot more verbally than thru text… and less confusion in “context” due to things like inflection in voices… but have you every tried to listen to 100 ppl @ the same time ??? I can, if allowed to open a new tab, have a chat room where I can “listen”( thru text) to 100 ppl @ once… but no way on planet earth can I do that if its audio. Plus that involves allowing the browser/Replay to take control of my Microphone… if your browser got hack’d, do you really want to give away control of your Mic ???

There’s 3 Tiers… No Download, everything in browser, Downloaded poker client, and like a Playstation game where the software is bought outright on DVD/CD… an App for a phone falls under #2… the closer you get to #3 the more features can be add’d and the faster everything will run… But, there is a segment of the population that doesn’t want 1 more piece of software on thier computer/phone, they value security, and they are willing to give up some playability/features to achieve that goal…

Doing everything in the browser is the hardest for any company to accomplish due to the fact not all players use the same browser or operating system/platform … While currently this is Replay’s approach, how many players know… ( even if they can’t understand it ) that all the coding that is “in-browser” is visible to EVERYONE, 24/7… if you don’t believe me, try it … On any page, “right-click” and choose “View source code” or “View page source” depending on your browser… Sure your browser talks to Replay’s servers, so that part you cannot see… I will guess that by doing it without any download of software, your computer uses alot more processing power and alot more memory… than if it was just a downloaded piece of software.

Also Ace, you say its hard to keep up with only 3-4 lines in the chat box + all the “broadcasts”, but other sites fix this easily by allowing thier players to expand the chat box for more lines. Plus since there are no “chat rooms” then we are forced to try and chat during play. If its just chit-chat during play, thats fine… but any real conversation needs to occur without having to also play.

This reply got way to long, sry to everyone…

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Great post!!!

Hers is some food for thought since I am in the Forum Administrator space.

The forums are readable by anyone anytime without having a membership or being logged in on Replay
( think free advertising) to anyone that wants to click and read.

You can put tags ( keywords) on threads to dictate traffic.

Perhaps threads hang around for that reason and some threads are deleted for the same reason.

Just sayin …,:thinking:

Forgot to comment on your first part of your post.

Yes, that is the part I don’t understand but was willing to invest time and resources to help.

I like this site, I just don’t understand the politics of it all when it’s a quick fix.

I understand they are trying…

This would be great , would make it much easier for players who would like to chat but are just slow typers to join in on conversations . I have played on other sites also that have this.

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One thing I hear constantly at the tables is a strong sense of doubt regarding the RNG. Part of this problem is the inability of players to verify its randomness via their personal play. This is due to the lack of the statistics necessary.

number of hands played
big blind played
Small blind played
wins via showdown
wins without showdown

Yes, we have some of these statistics, but not on a game by game basis, which is what one needs. I thought the RNG on another site rigged until I checked my play and found out how close to the math my play proved to be. You cannot do that on this site.

My suggestion: A MTT Heads Up tournament with a 2K-5K Buy in min players: 10 max players:50 no rebuys

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Sassy, The staff didn’t create the “under construction” thread. I did. I started it in the hope that players would see how busy Replay’s tech gurus are, and maybe cut them a break and give them the time they need to complete that list before we gave them another list of stuff we like.
Aaaaggghhh used the word “list” twice…Help me,.,. please …eyes are … .rolling…,.,.,lol


I stand corrected, and am now giving Whoeverit the credit for that post.

I guess what gets old around here is multiple threads on the same topic really, just re-hashed every 1-3 months, or duel topics cause ppl are lazy not to look for a simmilar topic, even tho the forum might suggest a simmilar topic. Yes, I know that will always happen, I guess its just a bummer.

I would rather more ppl come to the forum, even if that means duplicate threads.

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I would love to see you start a new poker site and i looked it up and i’m sure it would be excellent. I really hope you go ahead and start the new one i’m sure we would all like a different option now and then. Looking forward to it !!!


I sense a disturbance in the force.

Maybe a better reference: “There can be only one”


Thank you for the kind words !

Wow, that totally caught me by surprise. Not a new player either.

I knew I shouldn’t have watched the “Matrix” on Netflix last night :astonished:

A simple one. Integrate the forum with the main site. The forums and the gameplay areas feel like separate sites. If I click on a person’s name here why does it not take me to the same profile as if I click on their name on the main site?


Exactly!!! And it should, I agree.

How about some good old five card draw ring games…I know there are some traditionalists out there…Some of the best scenes in movie history involved 5 card draw…Remember the classic scene from " The Sting ", when Paul Newman outcheats Robert Shaw…One of the best movies of all time…

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sounds good to me i also miss 7 cd stud seems very few sites have it anymore getting tired of players that go all in with a 3 9 all the time bluffing ok but they ruin every hand sick of hold em lol


7 Card Stud will be the next game that Replay plans on adding.