Suggestion for (limited) timeout button

Hi RP staff -
I am new to RP since April 2024, but I love the site and friendly people and am addicted to it I admit. A fun harmless addiction, though.

Has the RP community ever considered a timeout “emergency” button that players could use, very limited, say one time per player per hour of play? Or once per SNG tourney, etc? To give the player 15-20 more seconds to decide and place a proper bet or fold during their single timeout.

Usually it is not needed, but I’ve had a few frustrating instances where a screen would freeze up, or the ability to enter a proper bet took me a bit to long, and the RP game ends up having me auto-fold when I hit a full house or straight on the river.

I know people don’t want to slow the game down more, and I totally agree with that. I think this “timeout” option would alleviate a few unfortunate “bad/wrong plays” that are not really due to player bad decision making.

Thanks for all you do. I love the site, the people, and talk it up to all I know. I look forward to making more friends here in the worldwide RP Community. GL at the tables!

Minnesota - USA

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Thanks for the question and has been brought up often. I agree, other members don’t want to see the games slow down and believe if the extended time is allowed, there should be a penalty for doing so. Maybe 4X BB deducted before the player’s next bet or call. Have fun & gl at the tables. :smile:

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Hi @Guyddog,

Love your profile photo. Time bank feature is something that has been brought up in the past. We thought about giving players the option to use additional time once for every tournament. It’s not something they have to use, just when needed. It’s not on top of our priorities, but might change if there’s more demand for it. For now, it is one of the many possible feature improvements we have.

Good luck at the tables!