Suggestion for a new sit an go game

KO- hyper
get bonus points for knocking out people in sit and go, i was playing this game on another site, an i got hocked. Its like this :
buy in is 10,000 seating 9 people when you knock them out a bonus of 4,500 each time. Pay outs were 1. 38,250 2. 22,950 3rd 15,300
it goes fast in the beginning then you start playing real good hands, I Love the game

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Sounds cool. I’m all for diversifying types of games on Replay

I like it, Great (Stolen) Idea!!! Maybe make it last for 1 week per month or every second month so as not to distract from the “normal” games. Not everyone would like it but I think many would love it.

I would like to change the payout a little. Increase the knockout bonus & reduce the 1st 2nd 3rd payout. Also add a bonus for multiple KO in 1 hand & for the number per tournament.

Another way to ensure this new SnG concept doesn’t disrupt the current SnG games and take away too many players is limitations like 3 KO - Hyper games per day or only have the servers open every 2nd or alternate hour.

RP has a large player base but it can be difficult to regularly find games in the SnG Lobby.


Replay already has SnG like this. Our Knockout SnG are 10,000 or 5,000 chips to enter and a Bounty is paid for knocking an opponent out.

In the example from the other site, the payout appears to be greater than the total paid to enter, therefore our Bounty awards are not so big, but our top 3 prizes, 33,300, 19,980 and 13,200 for the 10,000 event are similar.