Suggestion: Chatty Kathy or Real Adult Chat?


  1. Who wants Chatty Kathy’s in here (Saying only simple non-essential things such as NH, How are U today, Is it sunny today where U live, etc etc!


  1. Who wants Real Adult Poker Chat (Stating opinions, offering poker advise, Basically, All Adult Chat (Of course Replay blocking swearing, racial gender remarks before they could be posted).

I think Real Adult Chat would eliminate reporting players, less moderaters & create a Real Adult Poker Chat as found in ALL poker rooms (Tourny’s or Cash Tables) around the World.

What do U think #1 or #2 Suggestion & Why? Thanks

I do prefer #2, but I must say I have made friends with people who start out with nh, etc. :slight_smile: Building trust. Starting small.


Most chat is better than a silent table. Chatty Kens and Kathys can become good friends!


One can’t simply wait and hope some chat happens to wander over in your direction. If you want to chat, just throw something out there and see if anyone chats back.

It’s important not to over-think this. Just type whatever comes to mind that one might use in an ordinary conversation, like, “My dog is sooo much smarter than your cat,” or “I think green jello tastes like green.” You know, just ordinary stuff.

If someone at the table starts saying nasty things to you, say, “Well, now you hurt my feelings,” to let them know they are crossing a line, then mute them, then give them a 10-15 minute educational talk about the importance of good manners. (Note that this talk will be somewhat one-sided)

I think NH should mostly be reserved for actual nice hands, but meh. I would rather see a buncha NHs than nothing, as @Reddy68 has said.


Chat away I say. Life is just to damn short.
HAND :grinning:


lol, my name is Cathy


That was great! That is your name :joy: now that your back from your move get chatty :+1:t2::joy:


lol :+1:

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My cat has an IQ of 165.


I seem be the only stupid one here.

My ill-considered, by definition, opinion is that people are free to do as they will.

I made a comment previously that we all, in theory (by the power of “understanding informed consent”), have the right to join or leave or continue or discontinue any game for any reason or no reason that another person agrees with.

I fail to understand why it might be a requirement or expectation that one might chat or not chat.

I have examined the rules, yet again!, and I have not seen any requirement in one direction or the other.

In the absence of rules or laws or customary behaviour that dictates otherwise, I would suggest that each person, any person, should behave in the manner that they feel most comfortable and need not accept shaming from people who feel differently.

Kind regards to all of my friends who choose to be who they are. You rock, my friends! Not normal is totally ok, you do you and I’ll do me. We will, without doubt, intersect at some time. Just don’t hurt people (without consent :))

slava ukraini


For many people online poker represents a hobby only or a pleasant pastime. It’s really enjoyable to spend an evening at home in front of the monitor (or with you tablet/smartphone) in a cozy armchair playing your favorite card game. The final flourish for many players is poker room’s chat, which enables you to communicate with opponents, share interesting moments of your life and sometimes even tell your rival everything you have on him after tough flak.

This article will teach you generally accepted rules and regulations for poker chat

Chat options in all poker rooms are very much alike: you can open the dialogue window, which shows messages from players, dealers and moderators. Messages from the dealer are concerned with everything that goes on at the poker table: nickname of the player who won the bank, his card combination, size of the pot and etc.

Online poker chat example

Usually chat is a place for players, who play one-two tables, to communicate. And it’s quite logical: when playing at many tables at once, the last thing that a player may want to do is to chat.

If you see that your opponents are chatting intensively, this probably means that they are amateurs.

Normally poker rooms allow chat in English, which is considered to be international. Therefore, if you use any other language, the moderator may admonish you. However, the reality is that you won’t be punished for several phrases in your native language. But do not forget that chat is a place to behave politely as you may be deprived of the privilege to use chat for insults and strong language. Don’t think that the huge number of players in the poker room will affect how moderators control everyone. In fact, each chat is checked by moderators and each player has a right to complain about the opponents. So we strongly advise you to behave correctly and preferably politely

Messages in the chat can tell you many things about player’s type and his game level. If the opponent often complains about flacks or starts using insults after the unsuccessful hand, you can be assured that he’s probably an amateur or is in tilt. You can always switch off the chat or messages from particular players if you find them unpleasant.


I would point out that on Replay you can chat as much as you like in your own language, providing what you say does not contravene the Code of Conduct.
Enjoy your games and make friends!


I have to confess I am a little puzzled by your post. In Europe gambling by under the legal age limit is only controlled if actual cash is involved. As this is a play only site with no cash value, then of course the strict age limits do not apply, rather like children playing card games with friends and family at home.
The term “family friendly” means just that - behave here as though all members are your family and treat them with the same respect as you would your blood relatives.
It is interesting that most people who have replied say they are happy with either option, - in other words they are happy with the site guidelines and feel they work well.
My own opinion is that it makes life interesting to see some of the chat on the tables, especially the witty chat we occasionally get, and it is good to see a NH or a WD if someone appreciates your play.
I might add that, although I do not often interrupt if two people are discussing the weather where they live, or chat about their lives and families, it is so good to hear what is going on in another country and it helps make a MTT tournament seem less time consuming!


Following your advice, I found my way to Wikipedia and this particular quote:

In March 2017, the UK’s Gambling Commission issued a position paper “Virtual currencies, esports and social casino gaming”.[8] The paper took the position that virtual items are “prizes”, and that, in general “Where prizes are successfully restricted for use solely within the game, such in-game features would not be licensable gambling”.[8][35] However, the paper continues that:[35]

In our view, the ability to convert in-game items into cash, or to trade them (for other items of value), means they attain a real world value and become articles of money or money’s worth. Where facilities for gambling are offered using such items, a licence is required in exactly the same manner as would be expected in circumstances where somebody uses or receives casino chips as a method of payment for gambling, which can later be exchanged for cash.[8]

Further reading reveals that your claims regarding other jurisdictions are equally fallacious.

The criteria for legal directives appear to include a requirement that the “loot box” or, in this case, “chips” may be able to be exchanged for real world “valuable consideration” even if this is not part of the game design.

As we all know, we will be subjected to a “penalty” by Replay if we are caught even giving chips to another player (other than through the “buy for a friend” option). An exchange for an item of real world value is unlikely to be viewed favourably!

I’m happy to discuss this further but I don’t think that a discussion about talking at the table is the appropriate thread.

(looking forward to the thread continuing on topic)

Slava Ukraini


The legal age to gamble in the UK is not 21 nor is it 21 throughout the majority of European countries.

Albania 18
Andorra None
Austria 18
Belarus 18
Belgium 21 (casinos)18 (national lottery)
Bosnia and Herzegovina None
Bulgaria 18
Croatia Croatia 18 (excluding non-casino machines and private)
Czech Republic 18
Denmark 18 (except sports betting) ](Gambling age - Wikipedia)
Estonia 21
Faroe Islands 18
Finland Finland 18
France France 18 Lowered from 21 to 18 on May 5, 1987, for casinos.
Germany Germany 18
Gibraltar 18[[20(Gambling age - Wikipedia)
Greece Greece 23[21]
Guernsey 18
Hungary 18
Iceland 18
Republic of Ireland Ireland 18
Isle of Man 18
Italy Italy 18
Kosovo Kosovo 18
Latvia 18[]
Liechtenstein 18
Lithuania 18[]
Luxembourg 18[]
Malta 18,[] or 25 for Maltese citizens[]
Moldova 18
Monaco Monaco 18[]
Montenegro Montenegro 18
Netherlands 18
North Macedonia 18
Norway 18
Poland Poland 18[]
Portugal Portugal 25 (some casinos)18 (some casinos, and all other types)[] Portugal has complicated gambling laws. It depends on each casino, and there are even some casinos which allow tourists from the age of 18, and local people from 25.
Romania 18
San Marino San Marino 18[]
Serbia Serbia 18[]
Slovakia 18[]
Slovenia 18[]
Spain Spain 18[21]
Sweden 20 (casinos)[]18 (other types)[]
Switzerland 18[]
Turkey 18
Ukraine 18
United Kingdom UK (United Kingdom) 18
None (see the table below for more information)[
Vatican City None
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I don’t understand what gambling laws across the world or age has to do with table chat. Keep it simple, keep it clean and keep it pleasant or lose the privilege of chatting. Does anyone realize the amount of players that are muted from chat ?

I really don’t understand why this is a thread.

Have a happy day…


I agree, please can we keep what was a light hearted thread on topic - simply say whether you prefer longer chats in the chat facility on the tables or small NH etc acknowledgements, or don’t mind either, thank you in advance


Sounds some what like cancel culture so hi and where you from


I don’t mind either # 1 or # 2 makes no diff to me.
Chat is nice tho.