[SUGGESTION] Allow typing "K" and "M" modifiers and decimal points in bet sizing field

Hello there,

Been using this site for more than 7 years, and I’ve always enjoyed it thoroughly. However, there’s one missing feature which I believe would be very easy to implement, but very convenient for players.

To set a specific bet size, there’s a numeric field where we can type the exact sizing we want. However, it only allows number characters - and I believe this could be improved by allowing “K” and “M” modifiers to bet in thousands and millions respectively.

Instead of having to type 30000 in full in the numeric bet sizing field, you could just write “30k” (with decimal point or comma). Instead of 2300000, a simple “2.3m” could work (with decimal point).

It would be especially easy if you allowed both upper- and lowercase letters, and decimal points as well as commas (without, of course, allowing betting fractions of single chips).

Hope this can be implemented!



Great idea

Actually this is a very good suggestion which I’d never really thought of. I mostly find it okay without just typing in random digits after the first two or three, but sometimes I’ve made really annoying misclicks which have lost me a lot of chips. I guess ‘B’ could be added in as well for good measure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah! Like that idea. I’ve passed it on to the rest of the team to look over. I think it could help make betting easier for sure.

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Thanks gatzby! Any news on the ifs and whens? Cheers!