Stud seven and other variations on Replay Poker

I was just wondering if there was any possibility that other variations of poker, particularly seven card stud and Razz, would be coming to replay poker. I am wondering if anyone else in the community would enjoy playing games such as these and i feel that the addition of these games would only be for the benefit of the site. However i do understand the process of programing this into the site would probably be rather time consuming so i was just wondering if there was a significant part of the community that would express their want for more variations. I would assume that these variations would receive about as much traffic as the Omaha games, probably marginally less traffic during the beginning stages. As a user that is relatively new to replay poker, and has thoroughly enjoyed it thus far, i feel that the addition of more variations of poker would keep the site fresh and interesting while exposing players to variations they might fall in love with (much like i have with Omaha Hi/Lo). I’m not sure if these ideas have already been considered, but please show your support for this idea as a community member on this forum! and if a developer or moderator could also comment on the likelihood of these variations being added it would be much appreciated.

Hey Deans!

We definitely have plans for new variants as soon as we get our new client running this year. We’re currently limited by Flash, so we’re looking to upgrade and make sure we’re fully mobile too!

What’s going on behind the scenes right now is database improvements, server upgrades, and getting the site ready for the next big step. We know it’s not super exciting from the outside, but we are definitely working toward a better Replay with even more poker.

If you or anyone you know has a dev ops background and wants to help get it done more quickly, we’re hiring: We Work Remotely: Remote jobs in design, programming, marketing and more

I think Five Card draw would be a solid addition too. It’s how I first learned the game.