Stuck at a table and cannot bet or leave

HELP!! am stuck at a table all afternoon and cannot bet and cannot leave … it just keeps me there and folds my hand and will not let me leave … even tried logging out seveal times. I’m stuck at low stake table Brussles Square … my player ID is Gladdy8er

PLEASE help!

I just checked your account and I see you managed to get unstuck. However we’ll investigate this issue on Monday to see why it happened and how we can prevent it happening again. Thanks for reporting the issue!

Paul, I never managed to “get instuck” … the system kept me at that table until it used up all of my chips on large and small blinds … which took about 1000 hands over 10 hours. Please credit my account with 700 chips. Thank you.

ALERT !!! you still have a malfunctioning table – low stakes – Brussels Square. I was stuck there yesterday … now two other people are stuck there … cannot bet and cannot leave until the table sucks out all the player chips with blinds. The broken chairs are position 3 and 4. I lost 700 chips there yesterday and y’all did nothing. Gladdy8er

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