Strange thing at Replay

Hi there,
I am Navin ( PROUD member of the Cardschat Home games)

I have recently noticed something strange at the tables and specifically only with me ( I think ).

I logged in Saturday the 24th of October 2021 to play my CC home games and noticed that i couldn’t see my cards or barely see them.
Once in a while I would see them both, other times none and mostly only one card.
I had no other option than to play in that way, because it was a Ranking game.
I am including some screenshots below.

If anyone can help resolve the issue I would be much obliged
Thanks in advance

These are the screenshots:

Regards, Navin

Hi Navin, Well… That’s not ideal! Thanks for letting us know. I’ve seen this type of grouping in the UI previously though it tends to occur while using an Android Mobile device. If you could send a message to our support team at we’d be happy to investigate the problem further with you and hopefully get you fixed up soon!


Thanks for the reply.
I am using a desktop.

I have already sent the message to support


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