Straight Flushes


tell me about it…

I just checked my best hands list.
5 royals, 5 K high.
Don’t remember a single one of them.
And that time someone called my pre-flop shove with 72o, and made a flush?
I’m over it.


It is great to get a royal flush. The only one I have ever had was 3 years ago and it was a complete fluke.

My next nine are all straight flushes, but none of them won conspicuously large pots. The trouble with straight flushes is that it is hard to get paid off, because anyone can see that potentially there could be a straight flush on the board.


That looked real pretty :+1:t2:

I’ve only had three Royal Flushes in my life. I got my first one a couple minutes before the stroke of midnight New Years (2012).

straight flush vs straight flush è_è


I got 3 royal flushes in my life.

The first one was on Pokerstars in 2007 playing 7 card stud hi/lo and I had to split the pot.

Two of them were yesterday!

7 card stud


Congrats :champagne::balloon:

Got one this week In Omaha :slight_smile:
Hand #873174454 · Replay Poker
Unfortunately, I finished 5th in the tournament and didn’t make the $ :frowning:

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That looked real nice :+1:t2: congrats

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