Straight Flush beaten by a Full House

I just had a straight flush get beat by a full house

You wanna explain that to me

Did you save the hand?

What’s the hand #? Were there any other people that saw it happen?

MTT - Playing in Multi-Table Tournament - Kick Starter 2000 - 2,000 chips - NL Holdem from Hand 50253431 no strait flush in thet MTT game at all.

I cannot check any previous hand you play 3 hours go, Please provide The hand number as previosly suggested by the others. click on this link, all your played hand there.

( hand number the left upper corner in the room.)

Hi clarabelle, I’m pretty confident you’re mistaken. The evaluation of the cards is not something we’ve had a problem with for over a year and it’s not something we’ve changed in any way recently.

i think she miss read her cards i have never seen this in all 7 yrs on this site so why would it happen now lol

clarabelle stop drinkin :smiley: