On some tables, give the option to straddle before playing the hand.

Obviously straddling is done blind, so an option button to straddle BEFORE your hole cards turn over would be required.

Straddling is a very important, tactical part of the game (particularly on cash tables, not so much in tourneys) if done properly but it is not understood by many.

A chance to try the tecnique in a safe environment such as RP could prove very popular amongst the community.

Hi deadmansout

Straddling is something which Replay might consider for cash games, if it was popular enough

Do you think a straddle from just UTG is the best idea, or from anywhere on the table?

If a straddle is possible in UTG only, some players may choose not to do it, (I know its kind of rude to play a straddle game and not do it). Do you think it might be better to have tables with 3 blinds instead? 50-50-100 or 25-50-100 for example ?

Personally, I prefer being able to straddle from any position. Straddling from only UTG is limiting, but again, I am speaking from my own views. Although I do use position a lot if I have two stacked and / or experienced players in the SB and BB and want them to play first…

I would find having three blinds fairly pointless as the straddle should be an optional tool to increase the action and make people think more about just limping in…but again, in my opinion.

I think that it may be popular but it is an underused and fairly misunderstood tactic. I think people would have to try it in order to understand it and come to enjoy using it so I would suggest having tables that use the ‘‘normal’’ straddling rules to give the community a chance to get used to the concept.

Hi deadmansout

Thanks for the analysis on this. Replay is always looking for popular variants of poker and poker rules and straddling is now being discussed with a view to possibly introducing a version of it. We have to consider how we think it will be received, given Replay customers are casual, community based poker players and most critically whether there is enough liquidity to justify offering a new style of game

Of course.

In this case though, I really think that the vast majority of people will only learn to llike the straddle once they have tried it and realise the strength of the tactic by using it. It’s upsidedown. I think that it will be very popular, but only after you guys have initiated it first…

I like this option at real game. I think is can be done on selected table. Also, may bring more “bingo” aggrevations. Also, I can see as people dont know about this rule too much, may end up like omaha and rats tables. People may complain about.

Certanly these have to be consider.

(My own opinion)

Yeah, I did think about the problems of ‘‘bingo’’.

Maybe trial it on the high roller tables…?

People less inclined to throw chips in and actually probably more likely to understand how to play straddle tables…

Good idea exlude low stake and less problems as you said. I think some potential in it. :slight_smile: