Stole my money again

Boy does this web site need help. i registered for a $5000 heads up and waited for another to join. after waiting about 10 minutes i clicked on unregister and it said registration is closed. i click on lobby n there was another player playing the game i didnt even know was going on. i was down to $300. and lost. even after the game was over i was still showing the only player.

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled again and again it happens. it just happened again. i registered for a $5000 heads up and this time i went right to the lobby and waited. after waiting and no one showing up a go to unregister and it puts me on a table that was in progress. in plane English this site stinks. this game was tourny #223427 and the one before that was 223399. i wouldnt recommend the site to anyone

Hi mikewiz,

Sorry for the trouble with these tournaments, I know that’s super frustrating. I’ve refunded both entry fees to your account and notified the tech team about the issue so they can take a look asap.

Thanks for your patience.

Cheers, Lesley

We believe the underlying issue that caused these problems was fixed this morning, so hopefully you will not encounter this behavior again. Sorry again for the trouble.

Cheers, Lesley