Stiner won the hand but the pot was given to a lesser hand replay hand 94585184

hand 94585184 stiner had a flush but the pot was given to a player with two pair. a big pot. can you look at the replay and give stiner his pot and how did that happen?

i replayed 94585184 twice and

stiner won. you owe him 7,598

Hi stiner

You played Omaha, in Omaha you get 4 pocket cards, but you must and may use only 2 of them for making your best hand with 3 community cards. In this hand you had 2 diaments (you can only use 2 of the 4 cards) and with 2 diamonds on the table you had no flush.

More info about rules of Omaha you find on the help pageā€¦

Greetings Happiness.


didnt know about the two card thing. First time playing it. thanks much.